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websiteUpdate: Been a reliable source for over a 2 years now. Have nearly 300 positive reviews on their site now, with many more in the forum here..

Its taken me over a year to get this sorted but I have finally found a legitimate source for your steroid needs. The site is and it stocks all the most popular steroid products. If you want a guaranteed shipment without all the hassle of getting through customs then this is the place to go.

I have had a few guys get test orders already and they got their gear within a week and have been stoked with the product. I have personally spoken to the guy who runs the site and he is the real deal. Hopefully people can stop sending me 50 emails a week asking where to get steroids in Australia now.

So to summarise:

  • Australian Based – No issues with customs
  • Generally receive your gear within a week
  • He stocks MaxPro products – one of the best names in the industry
  • If you have any problems with your order he offers a free re-ship.

So if you are thinking about sending me another email looking for a source, don’t and instead you should check out You can view the website by clicking here.

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  1. paul

    Hi Jake, I need some advice, I heard about clen for fat burning and also T3. Which would you advise. Can i use both of them? Cheers. Paul

  2. Alanna

    Hello πŸ™‚

    I was wondering what the best site to buy bitcoins in Australia was to use with gear oz? I’m looking at btradeaustralia but they are asking for my drivers Leicence – is this normal?

    1. Jake Archer

      Bitcoins have a high level of fraud for the sellers, so its pretty standard practice. I like localbitcoins because it requires high level of feedback for sellers. Don’t use paypal on there though as I got scammed once even though they had 500 feedback.

  3. kyle

    hi Jake im Australian and a first time steroid buyer, was just wondering if i purchased some anavar of naps gear and it got seized would i get in legal trouble thanks!.

    1. Jake Archer

      Hi Kyle,

      I know of over 100 seizures at least trough this site. Other then a letter (sometimes) no one I know has ever had legal trouble for personal quantities. I do know of someone who got busted importing 12 kilos worth though πŸ™‚

        1. Jake Archer

          Not sure, you could try overseas suppliers like napsgear. You won’t get into trouble from customs but you may lose your gear if they discover it.

  4. Jay

    hi jake, im thinking about purchasing some Test E and clomid for pct to finish off my cycle but my last pin was almost a month ago for Test E. Cut the story short, I cant seem to get my hands on my previous supplier and ended up on this site. Should I still continue another 4 weeks of Test E then start the pct two weeks after? Hope u could help out

    1. Jake Archer

      Yeah, I would continue on the test and then do a proper PCT. You are going to need to do a PCT either way, so you may as well get what you can out of your cycle.

  5. Rob

    Hi Jake,

    Ended up getting it mate, thanks for your help.

    Seller very helpful and genuine, will definitely be back again and would 100% recommend

  6. Rob


    My previous comment was deleted for some reason.

    I’ve paid $580 to these guys in BTC and emailed twice as well as given payment details but absolutely no response at all, starting to get very worried!

  7. Rob

    Hi Jake,

    I’ve just purchased a beginner pack from these guys (mainly because of your endorsement).

    How long do they normally take to send out and reply to emails? I sent the bitcoins today but also an email a couple of days ago but no response as yet, should I be worried?

      1. Tom

        i have sent payment through To gearoz and sent email as they required but haven’t heard a single thing back ?
        Any idea because it’s been 2 days now

  8. Jonathan

    Where can I buy gear and have it shipped to US? Would like a beginners cycle with both inj. and oral. and PCT. Having trouble finding anything online and am scared to get ripped off.

    Any advised would be helpful!

    1. Jake Archer

      Napsgear is good for the U.S. Have to get it past customs but they are 100% legit and will ship it out for you.

  9. Ryan

    Anybody used these guys in the past couple weeks? And I dont see Clen in their stock is that something they ever have?


    1. Jake Archer

      I just received another order, but you probably looking for another person for confirmation. As for the Clen they used to stock it, but they have told me they can’t get any more in.

  10. Patricia

    Hi Jake, I am desperate for some HGH for anti-aging and weight loss. I have been to so many sites but when I have googled the sites reviews, they have been scam sites. Is there any trustworthy sites where I can purchase HGH? Also which HGH will deliver the results I want? Also, do I have to go on a cycle or just use HGH constantly? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Jake Archer

      Gear Oz is your best chance for HGH. Won’t give any advice on it though, as I have very little experience with it.

  11. Adam

    Hi jake have received 2 orderes from Gear Oz , I only started course so not going to comment on quality of gear , it’s just that every pic on net is different to bottles sent , there are so many differences on label to gear that’s on MaxPro site , any reason why

    1. Jake Archer

      Clen, clean diet and aerobic exercise. DIET MUST BE HIGH QUALITY I can’t emphasis this enough with people.

  12. gav

    Hi guys i am just got my gear with in 3 days thats really awesome, jst bit disappointed before coz paypall shut the account,but RA1N MAN n helped me to sort that out ,really appreciate ur service guys,best site ii ever had,

    1. Jake Archer

      Just got news that Paypal has frozen their account. Apparently they have a new system under construction, will let you know when I get more details.

  13. gav

    Hi jake am jst confused coz of different answers for same question like am starting test e cycle at least 8 to 10 weeks and u recommend me arimidex for pct,,but in last comment u recommend nolva or clomid coz u said arimidex wont do anything for test e pct,,is dat right plz help me just wanna make sure my broo.and what is EOD.

    1. Jake Archer

      Arimidex helps control sides whilst on cycle, it has no effect for post cycle hormone production. Nolva or Clomid will do the job there.

  14. gav

    Hi jake,
    i jst puts the order through gear oz hope its works,i really appreciate with u to gave me gud advise ur champion man,plz dont take me wrong as i ask little ques regarding the cycles bcaz am jst a beigner brother,so if i star test for 8 to 12 weeks cycle with arimidex for pct after last shot as u recommend me on my previous email, so after finish this cycle which cycle should i take after this and whn like how many days or week i need to take break after finish the first cycle,

  15. Gary

    hi guys,
    I seen very positive results on ur website nd really I want some help regarding pct so if I start a test e for 8 to 12 weeks wht u advise me to take as pct cycle nd when ,,,,,which website is gud for to order a gear like am bit confuse,PLZ advise

    1. Jake Archer

      For Test E you need to wait 2 weeks after your cycle to begin your PCT. This gives plenty of time for the test to be removed from your body. You need either Clomid or Nolva for your PCT and I would take 40mg/day for 2 weeks then 20mg/day for a further 2 weeks.

  16. Webster

    Hi there

    Am based in Wollongog, just checking to see where the Austraian website is still for the purchase of steriods. Also how long does it take to receive the order. What’s the best, safest and fastest steriod to use for building muscle quickly

    1. Jake Archer

      Test E is generally considered the best steroid to take in terms of safety and results. The Australian website is still running ( and it usually takes about a week to recieve your order.

      Read my beginners guide it has an easy to follow first cycle that will safely get you good gains.

  17. Ben

    Hi guys just wondering would arimidex be good enough for pct on test e?

    My first cycle so won’t be mega dosage probably 500 per week

    And if so how much should I use and when should I start it

  18. Budz

    I have just placed an order with them but still need to get some Novladex for pct and during the cycle. Any places that you recommend that come from Oz or will get through customs?

  19. Len

    Ordered some Test E through gear-oz. Takes about a week to arrive. Had a bit of a problem on the pay now page as the button for paypal wasn’t showing up (this was a few weeks ago). The guys are quick to reply to emails and very helpful. Eventually made a direct payment via paypal, doesn’t get much easier than that. Haven’t tried the gear yet but it all looks legit, exactly as pictured and described on their website.

  20. james

    Just made a order just wanted to check that its going to my post box plz .

    As I live outta town and dont get mail delivered cheers

  21. Baz

    Got my Anadrol order last week from gear-oz, see how it goes for quality?!
    No manufacturer label or data on the bottle.
    Meanwhile the site is down.

  22. Romi

    Wow!! I made an order on Monday night and today I have received my items in mailbox via Express Post!

    I want to thank Jake, this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. I also want to thank Ra1n Man for excellent service!

    It’s Time To Pump Some Iron!!!

  23. Be

    Hey I’ve tried messaging the site but doesn’t seem to work was just after a tracking number order was placed and paid last Thursday

    1. Jake Archer

      They had to make some changes. Just heard some good news though, that its all done and the site will be back up tomorrow. I will update the links with the new details as soon as I can.

  24. Hi there have just recently found gear oz made an order an recieved 2 days later product seems legit , just today though I have tried to make another order site seems to be down do you know why or what’s happening , I hope hasnt been shut down gear oz is a good thing for every one

    1. Jake Archer

      Just migrating to a new domain. Will update details when I have them. They tell me there are just some teething problems setting up.

    1. Jake Archer

      I don’t know, perhaps the risk they take, the free market, trying to make a profit or quality of the gear πŸ™‚ You do have to consider that you are guaranteed to get your gear, losing 1 $500 shipment to customs and you are already way ahead going local

  25. Brendon

    Its really awesome to see there is an Australian based supplier now. I just checked the the site. I didnt see any post cycle therapy products like Nolvadex or Clomid. Will these be stocked in the future?

    1. Jake Archer

      I sure hope so. That was my biggest concern with the site as well, but I was told he needed to move some gear to build up the inventory which is fair enough. That was one of the main reasons I worked so hard to get a payment system up and running with Napsgear. I got my stack from gearoz and my PCT through Napsgear. One of the reasons this works well for now is that I have found the PCT products have a much higher chance of getting through customs then the steroids.

  26. Jake Archer

    Thanks Ra1nman for joining us. Honestly appreciate your service its what so many guys (and a few gals) have been asking for.

  27. Thats right,

    We are an Australian based supplier designed to save you the hassle with customs.

    Like Jake said, any questions feel free to send me an email via or contact me here.


      1. Ra1nman

        Hey mate, I would send to NZ but I think it will be the same customs problem.
        Send me an email on .. I might be able to help you out another way, cheers

    1. john

      Hello new to the site. Just want to know . About the quality Of the products . Do they work.
      Not every suplier is honest. Nor use quality ingredients. Dont want to purchase placebo pills

      1. Jake Archer

        Hi John,

        They worked well for me, absolutely the real thing and had some others give me good feedback as well. Nothing to worry about with these guys.

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