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Australian Steroid Supplier

Its been a coupe of years since I introduced a legitimate Australian steroid supplier to the site, so I thought I should update this for 2017. Now I still recommend the same supplier as I did in 2014 but they have a new name now: Gear Phoenix. You may know them as Gear Oz and in over 3 years I have heard nothing but quality feedback from visitors and members of this site, as well as my own perfect experiences using these guys.

If you need a supplier then you should be using Gear Phoenix:

  • Australian Based supplier so no issues with customs
  • 100% delivery success guarantee – Free reship if Auspost lose it
  • Highest quality gear available in Australia
  • Lots of Pharmaceutical branded gear
  • Recieve your gear within a week
  • Over 290 postive reviews and counting
  • All the major steroid products – As well as full PCT and HGH

So if you are thinking about sending me another email looking for a source, don’t and instead you should check out You can view the website by clicking here.

To purchase legal steroids, then the place to go is

If you want real steroids then you can't beat the range and price of The only issue is getting your orders past customs.

If you want to pay a bit more and have a little less choice I have found an online Aussie supplier who guarantees shipment and has high quality gear. They can be found at


  1. I have a question, sale raw steroids, but shipping from australina, this is a australina supplier.

  2. I ordered from the site and it says still processing my payment for over a week now is this site legit? Thanks

  3. N2GUARD. I ordered 1 Bottle of n2guard and 1 bottle of Krill -TS From Need to build muscle. The price was AUD $162 For both and he gave me another bottle of KRILL / TS at no extra cost. I t took 14 days to get here. He will do a deal for all of his products.

  4. Gear phonix still operating ?

  5. Sorry i mean

  6. Hi do you know if is legit?

  7. The website is not loading. Have they been shut down again?

  8. Who’s got the goods in need of some test dbol tablets and some liver savers plenty of business just need a good supplier the blok I’ve been using hasn’t been righting back to me I can get a little annoying with questions but other than that just want good gear easy to purchase and have posted hit me up

  9. Is this site still going now? Need to get var but don’t wanna lose money

  10. Buy steriods i have found fake people in the industry anybone legal on purchases would be helpfull

  11. Who has had experience buying HGH from gear-Phoenix? I have read stories about fake HGH in Australia mainly jintropin

  12. how dies platinumanabolics stand?

  13. is Gear Phonix still operating got their home page, click on an item than nothing, told page not available,anyone else having this trouble.

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