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A First Cycle for Beginners

Update: I have a new article that has more details for the beginner to follow, including sourcing gear, medical supplies and injection techniques. I would recommend starting there is you want a good guide for beginners to follow. Check it out here.

“I am a first time user, what cycle should I take” – Seeing that this is the number one question that I receive I felt it is time to create a super simple yet effective cycle and guide for all you first time users out there. Some people recommend a heavy stack for your first cycle in the belief that your most impressive gains are to be had. However that same advice would also lead you to having the most severe side effects and health damage as well. Your first cycle needs to be simple to administer, relatively inexpensive and as safe as possible and its with this in mind that I created the following beginner cycle.

Your first steroid cycle


  • Weeks 1-10 – 500mg/week Test Enanthate
  • Weeks 1-12 – 0.25mg Arimidex EOD
  • Weeks 13-14 – Nolva 20mg/twice daily
  • Weeks 15-16 – Nolva 20mg/day

test-eSo lets quickly talk about this cycle. You will notice it is a Test E only cycle and I did this for a number of reasons. Firstly Test E has a longer ester (remains in your system longer) meaning you don’t have to inject as often and there is far less chance of pain with your injections. Secondly Test is the most common steroid used and most stacks/cycles are built around it. By using it first and by itself you can see how your body reacts to it and what if any precautions you may need for future cycles to avoid unpleasant side effects. Lastly its extremely effective, it will give you excellent gains in both mass and strength, which is the whole point.

The Arimidex is an anti-aromatising product that will limit the side effects of the Test E (which I will go into more detail later). If you start to notice sides you can up the Arimidex to 0.25mg every day and then again to 0.5mg every day if necessary. It continues for 2 weeks after your last Test injection because it remains in your system for 2 weeks afterwards and will continue to have aromatsating effects.

Nolva (or Nolvadex) is a PCT (post cycle treatment) product that will help you restart your natural testosterone production (see here for why it is necessary). Without it you not only stand a good chance of losing gains you have made on cycle, but you will hinder your chances of future muscle growth as well. Any time you plan a cycle you should plan and purchase your PCT with it, this is probably the most common trap new users fall into and the failure to properly plan can have long lasting effects.

How To Inject

The second follow-up question I always get when I give people the first cycle is “can I do orals instead” or “I don’t know how to inject”. Yes you can do orals instead a Dbol only or Anavar only stack is not to bad, but if you are serious and don’t want to avoid liver risk then injections is the only way to go. I won’t re-invent the wheel here but here is an excellent and comprehensive guide to injecting that has helped a lot of people to start:

The next question is inevitably “where can I get needles”. Well in Australia the best place to try is your local health clinic which is different from your local medical centre or hospital clinic. Simply search “health clinic” in Google and you should find one near you.

Should you be starting your first cycle

You will do what you want anyway but I thought it relevant to at least give my opinion on the topic. It’s important to remember that steroids are performance enhancing drugs, so if you are not performing already then you best get started before touching a needle else you will risk all the side effects without any of the gains.

Under 21

Absolute no-no. You are still growing and steroids will stunt your growth. See here for more info.

Training for less then 2 years

There are a number of issues here. Firstly you have so much potential natural growth you shouldn’t need steroids anyway. Secondly steroids require a commitment and if you are just jumping in the gym and just as likely to quit you will be throwing money away and possibly getting a number of sides to go with it. Lastly your muscles grow faster then your tendons, jumping straight in the gym and on the gear will place a lot of strain on your tendons in terms of weight lifted, extra muscle and a loss of collagen. I talk more about this here.

Diet and Training is poor or erratic

There is no reason to touch steroids if you can’t get your own house in order first. If you are not dieting and training well then steroids won’t help you, end of story.

Your Heavily Overweight

Similar story if you can not get yourself into shape without steroids you won’t be able to do it with them either. Also the risk of side effects such as aromatisation increases with the amount of bodyfat.

Your Emotionally Unstable

Steroids generally accentuate your emotions. So you reach higher highs, and lower lows and if you are having issues prior to use such as depression or anxiety then steroids will make this worse. Best to be in a good headspace before going on cycle.

Side Effects

Its not all muscle and strength with Test unfortunately. The most common issues with Test come from the aromatsing effect (converting testosterone into oestrogen), which can cause sides such as: Gynecomastia (Gyno), water retention, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues to name a few. As mentioned previously your best bet is to up the dosage of arimidex if you notice any of these sides. With Gyno look for sore, red or itchy nipples as early symptoms. For more info on the sides and how to treat them click on any of the links above.


I hope this helps a lot of you rookies out there. We all started in the same boat and I think its important to realise and then remember that steroids are a long term solution and whilst they work well, the results will only remain as long as you have the fundamentals of dieting, supplementing and training down. Remember as well that Google is your friend, the amount of information out there is incredible, and you should be educating yourself as much as possible taking particular attention to the thousands of case studies of guys who have been through what your about to start. If you still have any questions though please leave a comment below and I will most likely add it to this post. Good luck, stay safe and grow big!

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If you want real steroids then you can't beat the range and price of The only issue is getting your orders past customs.

If you want to pay a bit more and have a little less choice I have found an online Aussie supplier who guarantees shipment and has high quality gear. They can be found at


  1. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for your guide, I have chronic back pain and have had it for about 2 years now. I was thinking of trying out steroids in the hope that they might help, as I’ve heard that HGH specifically is good for recovery etc. Do you think that this would be helpful for getting rid of the back pain?

    • Peptides are best for injury recovery, but it depends what the cause of the pain. Make sure you get it diagnosed properly before you try anything, gear will help but only if the underlying condition is treated.

  2. I’m 53 and on trt (200 mg/week test p), if I did this cycle would I add 500 mg/week or top out at 500?
    I’ll be on trt forever, diagnosed with hypogonadism.
    Also, what will arimidex look like in blood tests?

    • Arimidex won’t show on the blood test. You want to do this cycle in conjunction with your TRT? Why not just double your TRT dosage, it will give similar results.

      • That’s exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you!
        My worry is that the 200mg/week is to get my test “normal”, did I need the extra 500 to consider it a cycle?
        Last lab was 900 total test, 20.6 free test, 200 estrogen ????,

        Thanks for your article and advice.

  3. what would you think about this for first time
    and where and what brand is best to get test enanthate

    thanks, really great post happy i found it!

    Weeks 1-10:
    *500mg testosterone per week
    *1 quarter tablet of Fincar per day (1.25mg)
    *1 quarter tablet of Arimidex every other day (0.25mg)
    *1 tablet of clomid every other day (50mg)
    *320mg of standardized Saw Palmetto Extract per day

    Week 11:
    *300mg testosterone per week
    *1 quarter tablet of Fincar per day (1.25mg)
    *1 quarter tablet of Arimidex every other day (0.25mg)
    *1 tablet of clomid every other day (50mg)
    *320mg of standardized Saw Palmetto Extract per day

    Week 12:
    *200mg testosterone per week
    *1 quarter tablet of Fincar per day (1.25mg)
    *1 quarter tablet of Arimidex every other day (0.25mg)
    *1 tablet of clomid every day (50mg)
    *320mg of standardized Saw Palmetto Extract per day

    Week 13:
    *1.25mg of finasteride per day
    *.25mg of Arimidex every other day
    *100mg of clomid every day

    Week 14:
    *1 quarter tablet of Arimidex every 3rd day (0.25mg)
    *50mg of clomid every day

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Looks pretty good, personally I wouldn’t bother tapering the Test E, when on cycle you want to get as much results as possible. Im not a fan of clomid on cycle, I feel its unnecessary but some guys prefer it, so its a personal choice that one.

      Pharma brands are the best but in Oz any of the local labs do a good job.

      Good Luck

  4. Hi Jake.

    Thanks for taking the time to help us all out brother.
    I am thinking of ordering from the napsgear site, but was just concerned about customs. I was basically wanting to know if they do pick up the package on the way through customs, what repercussions are there for myself as the buyer? Do they just confiscate it or am I in the legal shit?

    • They just confiscate it, you won’t hear from them again. I have heard that once your address is flagged it gets harder to get gear in, but no hard data on that its just hearsay. Obvioulsy in you buying in commercial/bulk quantities its a different story.

  5. Hi,
    very good and thorough post!
    im 166 cm, 62 kg, 22 years old.
    have been training for 6 years, my body is VERY lean, six packs, ribs all very apparent
    Im thinking of this cycle as my first steroid cycle i just have some questions (given proper diet and training):
    1) would this cycle reduce my “ripped” appearance. or would i still look as ripped? if it does do that, would using winny help?
    2) im terrified of stories of permanent shutdown, would it be a safer idea to run 500IU twice a week HCG during the last 4 weeks? or is this unnecessary (given that i will follow PCT with nolva and clomid).
    3) Given proper training and diet, how keepable are the gains from this cycle?

    MANY THANKS! i appreciate your time and advice!

    • You would lose some of your “ripped” appearance. Although I saw a meme that said “abs on a skinny guy are like tits on a fat chick” which makes a good point. I wouldn’t use winny with the cycle as well, I would just cut post cycle. Most of it will be water weight which you can’t really control so you won’t be able to maintain a ripped appearance on cycle regardless.

      HCG is good on cycle, 250iu twice a week. Permanent shutdown is so rare its not even funny. When I have heard about it, they didnt use PCT and overdosed the gear every time. Its right to be apprehensive but the horror stories are bullshit IMO.

      Gains are keepable, you just need to maintain calories to your new body mass. If you train regularly you should keep most of your gains after every cycle.

  6. How much one cycle is gonna cost me ..??
    And how effective is one cycle if u r looking a lean mascular body .. I heard there are side effects such as low sex desire .
    And from where I can buy these steeroids with complete instructions on how to use

    • Hi Qasim,

      Beginner cycle goes for $580 at and it has a full program you can follow. You will probably get a sex boost from a beginner cycle rather then low sex desire.

      • Hi Jake. Just read the article for beginner cycle thanks heaps for the info and just a quick question when it’s your first cycle can you still get a lot of the side-effects or is it from long-term use

        • Depends on the individual. But generally speaking the lower doses mean side effects will be much less, particularly with the steroids I recommend. My side effect article gives a lot more info, but basically many side effects occur from overdosing, or long-time use without proper breaks, so the beginner stack will have very little side effects in comparison.

  7. dane skeffington

    hey just wondering what what be the best starter pack so to speak for my build im not fairly tall little build willing to put in 4 hours+ a day looking for a nice Aesthetics build if that makes sense these days call it ‘zyzz’

  8. Top post mate. I learnt to inject with vitamin B12. I watched a youtube vid of a nurse explaining/showing how to do it. Steroids are an oily solution though, so bit different… I looked through the injection guide in the link above and it is a must-read.
    I’m on week 11 of this cycle. No side effects with good gains. I had over 10 years training before I started. I also don’t drink alcohol, smoke or use other drugs legal or otherwise.
    Thanks again for post!

    • Thanks for the feedback, it can be hard to remember how daunting my first time was, but hopefully I have made it that little bit easier for new users.

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