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Ready to eat meals whats good?

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  • Ready to eat meals whats good?

    I am looking at getting some ready to eat meals such as the ones from

    Just wondering if any one has used or another service and if they are any good, do they taste good or like some frozen crap.

    Any feeedback would be good.

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    Youfoodz is good but the portion size is crap.
    Mymusclechef I didn't like. Meals ended up being frozen like a brick and when you reheated the ****er was mostly water.

    Better off getting fish from frozen food isle of the supermarkets then using those types of service.

    Just go to coles or woolies and get already crumbed or prepared meats and throw them in the oven. This is what I use to do when I had less time to meal prep cause of work or uni. Do some extra cardio if it ****s around with your macros too much.


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      Thanks NTRJ for the heads up was going to order from them next week but not now.
      Gotta get a little stricter on my diet.


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        I've tried muscle meals direct. They're very basic and got boring very quickly. Currently been using my muscle chef and I love them. Like the muscle meals I like to take out the meals I plan to eat the next day the night before and let them thaw in the fridge overnight. The heat better and quicker. Honestly for me it saves alot of time and effort and has me eating a variety of foods that I'd never eat normally rather than the same thing every day. I did that in the past to get my size, f**k doing it now to maintain haha


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          Core foods are good and cheap $8. Can't go wrong if you suck at meal prep like me. I'll try some other brands soon.


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            Update. Already tired of muscle chef haha tried youfoodz this week meals come fresh not frozen. Bloody tasty stuff, but as the days go on they quality drops as I was afraid they would being delivered fresh. I need to figure a way to maybe get 2 lots a week fresh or a combo of fresh and frozen. First world problems huh


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              core body foods are not to bad but still cant eat more than one a day. i make 2 meals a day plus breakfast. And eat out for the other 2 meals.