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What's the story with CRAZY STEROIDS?

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  • What's the story with CRAZY STEROIDS?

    Can anybody shed some light on the CS saga?

    Is he sending bunk raws? Or is this all a big disinformation campaign by one of the sponsors here, as speculated in the CS thread?

    Some more info for those of us who would like to use or do use CS would be nice.

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    pvip .......


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      I know someone personally who has used there Raws no complaints from them, this was over a year ago then.


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        Thanks for the reply Swolewolf, I was wanting to do an order myself, but looked at the last couple pages and saw complaints about quality but they were vague and uninformative, then suggestions that it was all a conspiracy from a supplier here because they don't like that people are home brewing.

        I'm very confused now, because I'd heard nothing but good things about CS.


        • Swolewolf
          Swolewolf commented
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          Well that said supplier will never get any of my money. Funny that supplier had a person with shocking bloods a few months ago. I doubt they would all of a sudden start ripping people off. You never know somone eles here might have a more recent review

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        It’s like anything my friend you bie at your own risk
        and you are lying on dem supplying you a quality product Which sometimes don’t happen As the relying on their supplier to supply them a quality product and the list goes on I’m sure you must know these comments
        Oh so I’m telling you knew they do not test every batch of raw they get in