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  • Test levels while on cycle

    Hi guys, just had a question about a test only cycle I am running at the moment; which I opted for given the fact that I am relatively young (21) and want to minimise the side effects associated with anabolics.

    I and am nearing the end of my 12 week cycle of 750mg p/w of Test E, which I kickstarted with 600mg p/w of Prop for the first 4 weeks and intend on tapering off with 600mg of Prop p/w again for the last 3 weeks so I can start PCT straight away. I am not taking any other supplements, it is strictly test and nothing else (unless sides come up - which has not yet occured)

    My first cycle (6 months ago) was 500mg p/w of Sust250 for 10 weeks. To be honest, as a naive young man, I was expecting to gain a lot more muscle mass than I actually did, and was overall unimpressed with my first cycle; evidenced by the upping of the dosage in my second cycle. I had some bloods done to test the quality of the gear, which I was sceptical of given my lack of results, which came back with a reading of 43.5 nmol/L. From the research I did at the time this was well below what I thought my test levels should be at given that fact that my natty test levels before this cycle were 21 nmol/L. I messaged the vendor from which I bought the sust250 to voice my concerns to which he replied that this is probably a result of the fact that sust250 is a multiple ester compound which causes test levels to be cyclical in nature and can vary drastically depending on the day and injection frequency/time. I took his word for it as there was not much I could do and he offered to send some Test E my way on the house to make up for what I thought was underdosed test.

    The second time round (second cycle), again I am sceptical of the quality of the gear I am running as I have not received any sides whatsoever. My first cycle I got a little bit of gyno which was combatted with arimidex and went away after a few days. The weird thing is I do not feel any sides whatsoever, my libido has stagnated (maybe even dropped if anything), I did not get any gyno, I do not feel any more aggressive than I normally would and again, am not seeing gains that I was expecting from a moderately dosed cycle of test.

    I decided to get bloods done again, for piece of mind to check that what I am running is correctly dosed, and given the fact that I am running Test E this time the cyclical expectation does not hold.

    I apologise if my story has been convoluted or hard to follow but I thought I would tell my full story for some background. My question is what sort of testosterone levels should I expected on a cycle of 750mg of Test E at around the 8 week mark? My natty levels were 26nmol/L pre cycle and am expecting my results in a few days. Any insight into why I am not feeling any sides would also be greatly appreciated.

    I thought I might also add that I have been obsessed with lifting weights since I was 14 years old and had been training consistently naturally for 4 years in the lead up to my first cycle. I track all my macros and my diet is on point to a tee (especially when on cycle). I train at least 6 days per week with splits that allow different body parts to sufficiently recover before they are trained again to avoid overtraining. Thus, for the purpose of simplicity all other variables such as diet and frequency can be assumed to be kept constant.

    Thanks in advance,
    Happy lifting

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    Don’t judge anything by what sides or lack of you experience, I don’t experience any sides when on cycle apart from sweating when using high dose tren. Are you using an ai or just when needed? Not sure what your blood work should look like as I haven’t done a test only cycle in a long time. Post your bloods when you get them and it will make it a little easier to determine when is at fault


    • pleasantgains
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      I have arimidex on hand but haven’t felt the need to use it yet as I have not experienced any sides such as gyno/acne/water retention. My bloods should be coming through soon so I will update when I hear from the lab

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    Hey mate, speaking for myself here(as everyones body is different) - that being said a few close mates have had the same results give or take 1 or 2 points.

    125mg test for me works out to be 25
    250mg test around 49

    so i always work off that scale. You should be shooting for around 130-150 when you get results back. But these things all vary when you take into considerstion aromitisation and things like shbg.

    what tests did you order?


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      I decided to order only total testosterone as thats all I could afford at this point in time. In retrospect I should have got my e2 checked also but decided against it becuase I haven’t experienced any eostrogenic side effects. If I had the spare cash for full bloods I definitely would have got it without a second thought but as I said, I don’t have the cash to spare and the main purpose of this test was to see if the test was bunk or not.


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        Results are in.

        To my surprise, total test came in at 250.2 nmol/L - a lot higher than expected and a lot higher than my previous reading on my first cycle so the gear must be legit.

        Still not sure why I am not feeling any sides this time round, especially at a higher dose. I suspect that maybe I had unrealistic expectations for a test only cycle given that I am new to the scene.

        I have seen some half decent gains (nothing crazy) but strength improvements haven’t been the best. I might add that I am currently cutting so haven’t been eating at much of a surplus too often and am more focused on putting on lean muscle.

        My my weight has remained relatively constant - I’m up a few kgs but my body composition has been changing as I lose body fat and gain muscle so I’m guessing this is the reason my weight hasn’t jumped a whole lot


        • Barrsy
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          Won’t grow without food mate. Next time eat double what you are eating now and see how you go

        • pleasantgains
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          On my first cycle I was consuming around 6k calories daily to grow as much as I possibly could with protein at around 40% of total calories. I ended up gaining 10kg in 10 weeks, most of which was body fat and water weight which to me did not look good personally (not the look I desired); so i decided to take an alternative approach the second time around.

          My maintenance before cycle was around 2.7k cals and I have been eating around 3k for the most part the past 8 weeks (slightly above maintenance) with protein in excess of 250g per day. My line of thinking was that if I keep protein high I don't have to eat at such a high surplus to gain muscle and dont risk gaining as much fat. I understand that you must eat at a surplus to gain muscle, but at the same time my protein intake is extremely high and I am aiming for a leaner look which I dont think can be achieved at a very high surplus with my genetics as I tend to store fat pretty quickly when overeating

          I am not saying it is right or wrong, this is just my line of thinking and I would appreciate any different perspectives/opinions

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        Looks like youre taking a better approach this time in regards to food etc. shooting for a weight goal is not something i advise, cos as you say your weight is staying constant but you are recomping - this is definitely a move forward.

        i would definitely get estro checked asap. Although you arent experiencing symptoms, estro could still be high. I have a few friends who dont get any sides when their estro is high. It still needs to be monitored/controlled rather than put to the back of the mind cos no sides


        • pleasantgains
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          Will do mate, thanks for the response.

          I think I'll bump up my calories to around 700 above maintenance to make the most of the remainder of my cycle and then slowly cut after pct.

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        Currently nearing the end of week 9. Planned length was 12 weeks. I was going to stop test E at the end of week 9 and finish off with prop for last 3 weeks.

        stats -
        weight: 98kg
        height: 6’3
        bf: 12-13% (guessing)


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          Mate you have to keep the Ai running. Right now you are probably producing a **** ton of Estero while your body seeks homeostasis. Always use AI regularly when cycling anymore than 250mg of test per week.


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            Thanks fellas,

            I have already done full bloods done pre cycle and will get them done post pct and assess from there.

            For now I will run arimidex EOD until the end of my cycle and next time round will run it from the get go.

            Was considering sus & deca for my next cycle, apart from an AI what else should I run alongside ?


            • DEEZNUTS
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              Safe to have caber or bromo on hand incase prolactin creeps up.. if youre taking an ai from the start next time it shouldnt be too problematic, but make sure to get it checked at middle bloods to see where it’s sitting.

              Other than that anadrol alongside would be good