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Primobolan. Champagne or Sham?

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    I ran 1000mg per week during my cruise along side 1000mg of test a few years back and it was amazing. Side effect free, no bloat or water retention, muscles took a noticable “full” but not puffy look.
    I have mates that use it during their cutting and have been told it performs well, as its one of the steroids with the highest amount of nitrogen retention.
    I believe this drug is perfect for someone new to steroids and has been running the standard 500mg per week of test, and is looking to add a second compound for the first time. Simply because its a solid anabolic, virtually side effect free, and allows them to increase their total AAS dose for the week while remaining a very safe addition. This could increase the advancing individual to bring their total AAS weekly intake to the 1000mg mark (500mg test/500mg primo) in a safe manner. Certainly safer than the emerging trend of beginners using tren on their second or third cycle.
    in all, i believe that primo is worth what we pay for the above reasons.