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Is there any good Deca out there?

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  • Is there any good Deca out there?

    Hey fellas..
    I may be crazy, but back in the day, when you were on deca, you definately knew it. Strength gains were through the roof, and recovery was unreal.

    These days the deca seems to be very mild, if not...just test.

    I haven't come across an awesome deca in years.

    Any suggestions?

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    Honestly bro I've had amazing results running Decca from unknown suppliers on the darknet and have had 'decent' results from very well known sponsors, honestly I think it could be something you mightve done differently in the past???
    With that being said, last Decca I ran was from bothUPL101 and Juicehead1983 and both great results.
    ​​​​​​​But then again all our sponsors products have been tried and tested and are g2g???


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      Im currently running rx pharma deca from roidstop its the best deca I've ran in a long time


      • Freddster
        Freddster commented
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        sick ! i just ordered some RX deca. this is going to be my first time of stacking tren and deca. see how that’s going to treat me

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      Roidstop Biopharma Deca 300!! Stacked with Lambo Tren E get on it Brother amazing combo!


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        Well then, thanks for the advice lads.

        I should be grateful for what I'm being supplied by the UG legends.


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          I want to say there is no good Deca. why do people run the **** when there is NPP?

          I'd rather pin 50 times a day, than look like a blowfiah like anyone on deca.


          • thatguy
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            The only difference is the esters. But this itself causes differences more than injection frequency.

            While the bloat thing is contentious, as to if the ester really makes a difference, but ancedoitally it is very common for people to experience bloat on Deca and a lesser extent on NPP. But to simplify the only difference in esters is the frequency of injections due to half life - is a load of crap.

          • <killkitties>
            <killkitties> commented
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            NPP does the same job for joints as deca does. And deca is the staple bulk hormone. Been #1 for ever.

            Opinions are good but you obviously haven't had good deca yet thatguy bro.

          • thatguy
            thatguy commented
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            I have had very good Deca (and some **** too). I actually liked it when I was on it, but when I look at photos back then - I realise I looked like ****. So won't be touching it again.

            I do find NPP lubricating, but not as much as Deca - but that could all be in my head, as it's been a good year since I last took Deca.

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          I'm still running helix DECA. Its good. But then I'll be looking for another supplier. Probably ausjuice and or roidstop.