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Pharmaceutical vs underground

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    if the sterilisation and filtration is maintained the products can be very safe.

    two other risk factors are the vials - they need to be sterile and clean, so purchased from a reputable supplier and or sterilised before use.

    and heavy metal contaminants.

    i check everything i buy under microscope, some labs are more consistent at producing a clean product than others.


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      What microscope did you buy ?

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    Just like any successful business, a lab that takes pride in their work will ensure they deliver the best product in the best condition.
    Sure your theory might apply to some unnamed lab working out of their caravan hidden in the middle of some nature reserve, but labs which are dispatching Australia wide day and night have a certain expectation to achieve and produce the highest quality gear they're capable of producing.
    So there's a midpoint in between the Underground lab you're discussing and the pharmaceutical labs out there, youll find that midpoint in the sponsors sections 😜