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Cutting, Adderall, Cycle and Nutrition

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  • Cutting, Adderall, Cycle and Nutrition

    6'3 230 17% BF, on 50 Prop, 75 Tren, 100 Mast Blend cycle EOD for 2 weeks now. I am having a tough time hitting my calorie count and still taking prescribed Adderall as it definitely suppresses my appetite. Adding MCT oil to tons of dishes and shakes, with that being said, Fat and Protein is not par, needs to be better, The carbs are low, I force em in post workout. The question is, would adding a bulking shake to meet caloric needs be ok? It seems yes, as long as im hitting my deficit. I know the other answer is to stop using adderall during cycle, but I know the crash would set me back a week or 2. The lethargy has started the last two days and Im sure its calories in....

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    Personally too low carbs cause me lethargy on Tren
    Maybe look into yours macro breakdown? Could be adding onto the effect of the Adderall
    And a shake is fine to add on