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Longgg term abuse PCT advice

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  • Longgg term abuse PCT advice

    First post so I apologise if I have posted in wrong section.
    Im already aware I’m an idiot so before telling me please know that I’m well aware of my stupidity, taking my mates advice.

    So basically I have been on cycle...... for over two years. During that time I have always been on test e or c and have added a fair number or other compounds including dianabol, anadrol, npp, deca, tren, eq and 2 cycles of HCG. I’m now at the point I was at when I began steroids - they don’t have an effect.
    I have now matured somewhat and started to care about my body more than I used to.

    My question to everyone is how I need to approach PCT. I would assume I wouldn’t just do the regular protocol of HCG, clomid and nolva for the same time as a 12 week cycle and my main worry here is fertility as I’m hoping one day to have kids.
    Please advise me of any knowledge you can regarding this matter and if it isn’t beneficial information then please keep it to yourself. I am beating myself up enough already. Thank you to all that respond and hopefully I get a more positive prognosis on my natural regeneration than I’m expecting.

    Let this mistake of mine be a lesson to anyone that wants to extend their cycle and end up in the same repetitive rut that I have.

    Age: 27

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    It all depends what you are on now? There is no easy one size fits all answer to this, you will find contradicting info everywhere. There are so many resources to find the answer to this one though mate, you need to spend some time researching as no one can spoon feed you the protocol.. in saying all that..

    I'd stop everything but a TRT dose of test and wait for all those longer esters and 19Nors to clear. Once that has happened a good place to start would be after your last shot of test begin taking 1500iu of HCG 3 times per week for a period of 4 weeks. after that time I would be taking aromasin and Clomid for a period of no less than another 4 weeks, in reality it will most likely take longer ( 6-8 weeks if its required). You can also substitute the Aromasin for Tamoxifen and do the old "bro PCT" however Tamox is a nasty drug IMO and lowers IGF-1 levels.

    Its gonna be a long slog for you. I'd expect to feel average for 6 months after you finish taking the PCT meds but it takes time to get your body right and unfortunately that's the only way to do it. if money isn't a problem get on some HGH while you're recovering.

    goes without saying get bloods done from a doctor that knows what to look for. You may need to run the protocol twice if your body isnt having a bar of it after you get bloods done, even add in some HMG the second time around if your fertility isn't where you want it.

    Nothing against generics, but if it was me id be making sure my PCT meds were all pharma.

    Last shot of Test

    Mon-Wed-Fri 1500iu HCG - 4 weeks

    Clomid 50mg ED 4-8 weeks
    Aromasin 12.5mg EOD-E3D 4 weeks

    I've ran the above protocol many a time and its worked. Good luck mate.


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      Interesting protocol above, reasonable

      i think 12.5mg aromasin Eod on someone who isnt on cycle is a bit overkill, the effects of aromasin are relatively long lasting due to its difference in action from first gen AIs and that maybe once per week would suffice as clomid is doing all the hard work anway.

      biggest factor to recovery is time. Im hearing more and more about people using taurine in PCT, might be worth looking at.


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        As jdiggity said nothing against genetics and spend some time researching. Last year I went through a no stop cycle for one year without any adverse effect, prior to that I tested my test and it was 14.1 and after the long cycle after finishing my PCT I conducted a blood work and my test was 13.7 without any HCG or Aromasin all what I've done is 40mg front loading of Nolvadex for 4 days and I continued with 20mg a day for six weeks and It seems to work for me so I reckon everyone is different but you gonna suffer mentally and you gonna feel lethargic all the time.


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          Thanks for the advice guys, that makes me feel alot better. jdiggity when you say 1500iu of HCG, do you mean 3 shots of 500 to total 1500iu a week or 3 X 1500 totalling 4500iu per week? That quite a large dose isn't it? And if you meant 4500iu, I would need at least 12.5mg of aromasin eod wouldn't I due to the high aromatisation of HCG. Would letrozole even be a better option? Sounds like this is going to be an expensive and long few months but it is what it is! Any further advice and any other protocols would be appreciated but in the meantime I will get to work on my research and hopefully I can find a doctor that's willing to help rather than say what my last doctor said 'just stop everything now, you'll be fine'


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            Skeppa Sorry mate I realise how that read. - Yes 500 iu x 3 a week. I have even bumped it up to 750iu before. its a large dose but it'll be needed to try and kick start your testies. HCG stimulates the leydig cells in the balls and the clomid works on sending the signal from the brain to produce the test. If you dont use enough HCG at the start to stimulate and 'get them going" so to speak youre wasting your time with the clomid.

            read a bit of Dr Scally's work, Its interesting. There are a few good podcasts around he speak on it. "Under the bar" comes to mind.

            I'd stay away from letro, it'll crash your e2. As Phelpsy even th aromasin may be too much, youre gonna need to trial and error. I just dont like using the arimidex coming off because its not a suicidal AI.

            haha mate, yeah its not cheap. But would cost less that the cost to repair your car if something went wrong in it. Can't really skimp out when its comes to this.


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              Start 750 IU HCG e2d and drop down to 150mg test per week dovided into two doses

              you'll need to stay.on this for a good couple months IMO before trying to.reboot with nolva and clomid

              i wouldnt worry about an AI


              • PVIP
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                On second thought 750 M/W/F for 2 weeks then
                500 M/W/F for a month

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              I’ve come off after 3 years on just a standard nolva and clomid protocol. Blood test 9 months later came back within range.


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                How lojg did you run the nolva and clomid for?
                And was it no HCG?

              • vizz13
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                4 weeks for both, no hcg

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              Im definatelly following this thread as ive had the same problems