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  • Killer cycle log

    Alright so following my post the other week ive kicked things off.

    started out last week with npp and some test/tren suspension pre-wo to trim some fat off, npp was just to get something stable kicking in. and tren suspnsion was because of the binding affinity and fat loss.
    i was doing 1 hour of liss a day with yohimbine and clen for about a week.

    finished at about:
    8-10% bf

    started some drol at 100mg for 5 days or so with the npp to fill out and get things going off with the rbc increase. also used metformin to fill out real quick and improve insulin, i was on dnp prior.

    and starting today is my bulk.

    -50mg tren eod
    -100mg test prop eod
    -125mg npp eod
    25mg dbol for a week.
    4iu hgh ed.
    also jabbed some melanotan and one vial of epo yesterday, wont be using epo, i just had a spare vial.

    using krypto gear and IAsuperpharma

    ill stick with this for a couple weeks and then double the npp to 250mg eod and add some igf1lr3 for 20 days at 50mcg.
    probs gonna run mk677 with the igf not hgh
    change my mind all the time so might not up npp at that stage.

    after the igf ill definitely double the npp to 250eod, actually that makes more sense than before.

    week 6 ill double the tren to 50mg ed instead of 50eod.

    after a month off the igf ill go again same as before. might use slin with it

    then the last few weeks ill run humatrope at 6iu per day with insulin, this will be over the christmas break so ill be training twice a day, full blown animal.
    ill also add in an oral or some ment those last few weeks.
    will come off the week i start back work 12 weeks estimated

    current stats.

    training is 6 days per week
    tues-back width and deads, calves.
    -wens chest/arms
    - hams, calves, delts
    - back thickness (rows) and calves
    - chest/arms/delts (2 sessions maybe)
    -quads then hams/calves

    abs will be a few sets 3 times a week.
    will do laterals and rear delts at home, not really feeders, will go 10-20 reps
    i have a seated calf at home so that will get some work too (probably do these 2 times a week with laterals)

    cardio is still in at this stage, slowly reducing

    diet is 95% clean, mainly chicken, roo, eggs, whey, tuna, sardines, occasional turkey/beef.
    oats, rice, sweet potato, weetbix, banana, berries, whole wheat breads
    fats will be in meats/eggs and probs some pb or olive oil

    i could go on all day with otc supps but i wont bore you anymore with this long ass post. did i miss anything important?

    should be 100kg minimum at 10%bf at the end

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    day 1
    usually do legs on sundays but melanotan made me sick yesty so did them today.

    squats 6 sets. pyramid up for strength then down quick (almost like a drop set but 30secs break)
    leg press
    lying leg curls
    lunges on leg press
    extensions s/s with body weight squats and elevated heels
    stiffys and seated leg curls
    abs and calves
    most things are 5 sets pyramid style, no droppies yet

    50 mins cardio

    training is not balls to the wall atm because ill grow and gain back size off any training being so fresh and having lost size over pct


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      I found IA's Npp to well underdosed from the 250mg/ml they claim, I was running it at 400 a week then switched to kryptos npp at same dose halfway through and the difference was night and day.


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        thought as much bro thanks for the input, ill bump to 1ml eod in a couple weeks

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      Rad. I'll keep an eye on this one.
      Come on bro, (re?)join us in the 100+ club haha.


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        ill be back there brother, at 10%bf for sure

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      hams delts calves few sets of abs and 40mins cardio today.

      things starting to fire up, feeling stronger, fuller and leaner.

      drol has made me hungrier surprisingly, considering i drank a few days before i started my run i thought my liver would kill my appetite.

      hoping the oils are gtg, sidey's post got me a little worried about IA gear but i feel its doing ok. time will tell. npp and joints getting a slight relief, also slight tren aggression but no other sides yet.

      after this bottle of tren might switch to Krytpo's, that way i know im 100% getting real tren, and thats the most important compound for me.. stick with Krypto oils, lesson learned.


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        back day today, more width focused. width is still my strong point but i do a few exercises. i do rows first still for that reason.

        4 sets mid rows, pyramid and drop
        high row variation, in between a lat pulldown and mid row targeting scapula and all those knots.
        4 sets seated rows, pyramid and drop
        6 sets calves, various methods
        pullups 4 sets 6-12
        7 sets deads, pyramid up and staggered drop (4 plates, 30sec break, 3 plates, 30sec break then two plates)
        superset low rows and machine rows thats like a barbell row.
        reverse pulldowns 4 sets
        pullovers 4 sets.

        all oils are now 1ml eod (tren is .5ed) because i feel as if and have heard ia oils are underdosed. joints are loads better so ia npp is legit maybe just not 250mgml
        stopped orals
        2 days into igf1lr3 and mk677, no mad pumps or hypo symptoms, might up from 50 to 100mcg ed then switch from premium peptides igf to old krypto stock.

        beginning to count macros, previously i was just going by meals, i eat the same **** every day


        • HeadBeeGuy
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          sounding good.
          I threw in igf after i saw you mention it.
          Ausmeds, running 40mcg on training days right before training.
          Definitely feel it and have had a few good pumps. On low carbs atm so I figure thats why the pump isnt as strong as mid year when bulking, I eat carbs before gym but a couple sessions felt a little foggy so uppd them a bit.

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          yeh i took what you said on board bro, if i dont get much off this igf or kryptos ill jump n Ausmeds

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        weight this am was 91.6kg on an empty, so 2.6kg up in just over a week and leaner.
        nearly 5gks up in two weeks and i stopped orals a few days ago at least.

        today was chest (fly dominant), arms and a few sets of delts.

        -6 sets flies, 4 incline 2 decline
        - 5 sets db incline. pyramid and droppy on the last.

        -4 sets pyramid tricep extensions with rope
        superset with
        -4 sets db hammer curls, on incline bench so elbows dont move

        4 sets skull crushers on decline
        superset with
        supernating/alternating db curls

        4 sets closegrip for tri's on decline
        4 sets preacher curls

        run the rack with dumbells
        rear delts superset with side
        (2 rack sets, finish with no weight burnout)

        chest flies pecdeck superset hammer strength incline 4 sets each

        4 sets tricep triset with rope, shorthead>presses>longhead
        reverse curls, wrist curls (i have huger forearms and i still want them bigger, very neglected muscle)

        took .5mg of caber last night, dick finally started working. might have to keep it in every week


        • HeadBeeGuy
          HeadBeeGuy commented
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          HAHAHA bro.
          Had the same thing at about week 5. upped the test which brought some drive back and 2.5mg caber 3 times over the week brought the dick back.
          going to rock it ever other week at this point.

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          yeh bro feel like my e2 is definitely in check, i did let it get out a bit with the orals but.
          probably raised my prolactin levels.
          im gonna try krytpo igf1lr3 tomorrow. just one vial to compare
          i had a mad pump today on arms but that could be the tren, wasnt mindblowing or anything

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        @headbee guy what kind of pumps are you getting from aj igf1.

        are we talking all day even when your writing **** or just really good pumps in the gym?

        quick update:

        added in krytpo tren at 50mg eod because iasuper tren is not tren. got nothing from it and the day i added kryptos in i felt it


        • HeadBeeGuy
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          Both this time and last time the pumps were only in the gym, the first time they were would feel up to muscle bursting, I do say that was due to also high carbs.
          This time the pump is better then when I was not using igf but its not huge.

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          damn bro, looks like there is no decent igf1 after all. i I would still like to give ausmeds a crack but. i literally got nothing from my two brands. trained fasted with it too

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        back down to 92.6kg, e2 got a little out of hand then i flushed it a bit. could be the reason for the weight drop.

        upping tren to 50mg ed after the weekend.
        i only drink a couple times a year and this weekend is one of them.
        also trying Milos Sarcev insulin protocol, roughly 8iu slin pre-wo, 40 carbs intra, bcaa and glutamine, maybe creatine and taurine too.
        tried 5iu before back today and man i was full af.

        so i did two sessions for back/calves today and also some bi's

        am workout
        hammer rows
        barbell rows
        high hammer rows
        lower lat hammer rows
        back extensions
        overhand pulldowns
        bicep curls
        calves 6 sets
        most things were 4 sets with a droppy, barbell rows was more

        pm workout
        mid row
        single arm lat rows with hip twist for lower lat
        seated rows
        reverse pulldowns
        bicep curls

        yeh today was ridiculous volume and some exercises may seem contradictory.
        but im starting insulin during so recovery should be better
        when you know that every time you contract a cell your getting nutrients into the muscle it makes you train harder and longer

        lol also did a few sets chest fly's


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          yeh cbf watching the video with dave palumbo again lol.
          today i was excited to use a pen for the first time, took 2iu a few hours before. 5iu during and 2iu post.
          fk taking my pen with me to work everyday but i think im just gonna take 10iu as soon as i leave home, takes me 10mins to get to the gym and i train for 90 mins.
          peak time should be enough to hold me over the post wo meal

        • Thappy
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          Pens are fine in the car all day bro

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          un-refrigerated? my ice packs will go warm in the 40* heat this summer

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        weight at around 94kg. didnt drink this weekend but it was still quite large. big cheat night Saturday with some weed Ben and Jerrys, krispy cremes, cake etc.

        standard leg day today as above and 40min cardio.

        also i tested the Novorapid pen from Ausjuice was legit the only way i know how to, its legit lol. shakes were on point. took a very very long time to hit though,

        slin got me full af yesterday and quite a few people noticed.


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          weight 95kg vascular af, but holding some water from the slin.

          only cycle stuff thats changed is im running 50mg tren asce ed, 5iu bestropin pre-wo with 15iu rapid slin, and intra carbs.

          chest/arms today.

          - this is my fly based chest day, reps are 10-15, many many sets
          incline flyes
          db incline
          flies superset with db slight incline.

          arms are always supersetted.
          - tri's overhead extensions long head
          - db preacher

          single arm cable extensions
          hammer bar cable curls

          decline hammer strength for tris
          barbell curls

          rope extensions -tri set, working all heads with the strength curve. dont need to change the weight stack.
          reverse curls/wrist curls


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            How tall are you bro? Sorry if I missed it
            also how are you finding kryptos tren ace? Any pip? Ever since I started on the tren I’ve been corked as the day after lol


            • Thappy
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              Sure its not something else causing the pip? tren doesnt need much solvents and shouldnt be that bad if its 100mg per ml

            • bbjlifter
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              It’s most likely the test prop bro, it just seems to be more noticeable ever since I introduced the tren. It’s even quite noticeable pushing it into my quads, not so much glutes but yeah. I’ll live lol

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            Originally posted by bbjlifter View Post
            How tall are you bro? Sorry if I missed it
            also how are you finding kryptos tren ace? Any pip? Ever since I started on the tren I’ve been corked as the day after lol
            i did get pip from it the first week or so, but that was just my body getting used to the hormone..

            just shows that iasuperpharma tren has barely any tren in it


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              weight at 97kg.
              bit of fat gained but not worried, i always planned to do a 5 day trim up to re-jig insulin with some low dose dnp and metformin, lets just hope i get some decent weather for that. i love working corporate now

              was getting sore nips, through in ralox and that fixed things. quick fact. ralox half life is 24 hours ad nolva is like 14 days.. remember that next time you get sore nips

              still running
              50mg tren ace ed (KRYPTO ace, tren rage is really getting there)
              200mg test prop eod (apparently, IASUPER gear)
              250mg npp eod (apparently, IASUPER gear)
              5iu bestropin pre-wo with novorapid milos sarcev style.
              also just added in dbol at 20mg pwo

              body was fkd from the 8 training sessions per week id done for the last 3 weeks...
              i smashed my body on purpose over the weekend, got a killer thai massage and then took two days off gym with some light cardio and stretching to recover properly.


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                weight hovering around 101kg.
                quite amazing how little fat ive gained considering the 14kg gain in only a month and a few days.
                hormones are all over the shot, nips being sore af and ralox not doing a thing. i refuse to run nolva because i dont want to fk my igf1, but im growing boobs...
                strange thing is when i have high e2 or prolactin and i take either letro or caber i get a big boost in sex drive, not happening this time. and my symptoms are more like low e2... fk

                so just got some more slin, novorapid ad lantus. i train first thing in the morning fasted so i wat to run the rapid pwo and the lantus one shot in the morning so i dont have to inject novorapid 3 times a day.

                so to the wizards on here Thappy NTRJ is one shot of lantus i the morning ok? i dont mind my insulin levels dipping by the last meal because that meal is generally fat based no carbs.

                and what kind of protocol is ok. ive been doing 15iu rapid around the workout and then 2iu a few other times of the day because im probably resistant. ot running any GDA's.

                i was thinking 10iu rapid pre-wo and also 15iu lantus with that morning shot.
                from there ill probably up the lantus by 5iu per week...
                sound ok?
                Last edited by jasonkiller; 12-06-2017, 07:51 PM. Reason: edit:getting a fk ton of pip from ia testp 200mgml, good sign


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                  thanks bro

                • NTRJ
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                  Trick with lantus is consistency of timing when injecting, so if you take it at 8am, make sure you keep taking it at 8am. When I use lantus I use it at night before going to bed.

                  When ever I take hgh, I take 1-2 units of insulin with it but you are on lantus so that shouldn't really matter.

                  If you have access to metformin, that will stop you having to use as much insulin.

                  Also rather than upping the lantus, I would up the novarapid when your results start diminishing.

                  Be careful tho, keep checking your blood-sugar levels.

                • Jmacks
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                  With everything you got going on have you got blood work done ??
                  If not why not ? atleast you would know whats going on with ya E2 and Prolactin ...atleast one of those 2 is through the roof if ya getting Gyno maybe both ...Once you got ya blood work done adjust your accillaries to suit and make sure your accillaries are ALWAYS pharmacy ...dont leave those to chance ever!
                  Is your IGF1 levels really more important that have a pair of titties ?? If you dont act on that sooner rather than later its surgery dude ! Trust me, i been there ...