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  • NPP / TEST cycle

    Im 3 weeks into a NPP / TEST Prop cycle and have to say, I'm not overly impressed with the results so far.

    My dosages are
    NPP 100mg EOD
    Test prop 100mg EOD
    Caber 0.5mg Tue/Fri

    My diet and training are on point.

    I've noticed significant strength gains as well as an improvement in my joints but that's about it.

    Am I just expecting too much too early?

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    What supplier?


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      Lower your caber dosage.


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        Im running test e at 500mg a week and npp at 450mg a week ive put on 4kgs so far ive been on test for 7 weeks and npp for 3 weeks getting stronger and bigger by the week for some reason my body doesnt hold 2 much water weight maybe due to my physical job, ive never been so shredding in my life if ur unhappy i would atleast up the dosages as they are pretty low imo for being mild compounds


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          Dont even need caber at that dose. 1g vitamin b6 a day is all you need


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            waaay to much caber, even at higher doses should be 0.25mg twice a week.
            ​​​​​You wont need it anyway, I've noticed minimal prolactin issues on NPP and I've been running 550 a week.
            maybe take .5mg of caber once every couple weeks as a split dose.


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              Thanks for the feedback guys.
              Firstly the brand. I've been using Platinum Anabolics for the NPP and Lambo Test Prop.

              An update on the progress
              .I've finally felt it kick in.
              Feeling quiet a bit fuller and I've managed to pAck on 3kg since my initial post.

              In guessing the NPP is underdosed or im just a poor responder to NPP.
              I have some Krypto Tren on the side which I may introduce into the mix.


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                Also. Several of you mentioned to drop/reduce the Caber.
                Is there a particular reason?


                • HeadBeeGuy
                  HeadBeeGuy commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Everything you do here is about balance, caber doesnt have heaps in the way of sides but they exist and prolonged high dose may have them show up.

                  Over all you're still clearly doing the over research thing but getting hung up on the wrong parts.
                  Firstly most people would even need caber on such a low nandrolone dose.
                  Its recommended when using two, say deca and tren.
                  Secondly that dose is very high even if you were running 1000mg of nandrolone, You're basically throwing money away.
                  Where did you even read to use that much cause I sure have never seen it suggested.
                  With what you're running Id say .25mg twice a week every second week would be ample.
                  And don't be overdoing the AIs or SERMS, in case you are

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                Originally posted by Dyob View Post
                What supplier?
                Platinum Anabolics - NPP
                Lamborghini - TEST PROP