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    So I understand that time off should equal the time from when you first start your cycle to when you finish PCT. So using a 12 week cycle for example, time off should be 18 weeks (12 weeks on + 2 weeks off + 4 weeks pct). When you consider the time off and PCT, time between actually pinning is almost 6 months.

    My question for those who actually cycle off and don't cruise, do you use anything to bridge between cycles? I've read of people using sarms or peptides such as GHRP and Mod GRF in between cycles. Do these methods have any significant benefit and do they impact the body's ability to have a full and proper recovery? If not bridging, how realistic is it to keep post PCT gains during the time off period? Particularly if you have exceeded natural potential.

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    Interested to hear what some of the more experienced guys have to say about this


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      Most ppl bridge with either sarms or peptides.
      from my understanding sarms will still interfere with your endocrine system and will be counter productive in recovery.


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        i have bridged with ghrp2 and cjc1295 twice now. both times i managed to maintain muscle alot more effectivley than not using them. they also helped me stay lean throughout pct. it is pretty expensive but worth a try atleast once. peps don't interfere with recovery (atleast from my experience) but sarms definitely do


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          How long did you use them for during your bridge? Also, how much more muscle did you maintain as opposed to when you haven't used them?