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Upcoming bulking cycle

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  • Upcoming bulking cycle

    Upcoming off season cycle

    Test e 750 MG a week 1 to week16
    Eq week 1 to week 16 600 mgs a week
    Satans blood 2 ml daily for 6 weeks (50 MG dbol plus 50 MG anadrol)
    Deca 500 mg a week week 1 to week 8
    Dropping deca out in week 8 and introducing tren a for week 8 to week 16
    Insulin novorapid 5ius pre training for first 3 weeks and then 2 weeks off and then pre and post 5ius

    Arimidex 1 mg every 3 days

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    Looks good been doing something similar except no anadrol or slin and less test.


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      I like the look of that cycle too. Though for me i don't touch orals anymore, i just opt for higher oil doses. Slin sounds good too, do you have much experience with slin? I noticed your doing slin at 5iu pre and post, do you find shooting 10iu all in one go pre to be too much to handle during the workout?


      • Amaan
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        It's for my frend... I haven't used slim before but have done all the research and listening to experienced guys.. And bmwarmaachine

      • Nice Guy
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        Okay then, fair enough. I know some people can't handle high slin doses pre thats why i mentioned it, especially if their doing large compounds movements like squats and deads etc.

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      Looks like your going to mutate the mate lol
      whats the diet like to match the gear intake like how many meals you get in what types of food you going eat