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Any sponsors that sell test amps?

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  • Any sponsors that sell test amps?

    Sup boys, any recommendations or advice on where to source amps from? Cheers

  • #2 has some but not sure what he has left


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      what’s the appeal of amps over vials?

      generally the gear isn’t that much better quality ?


      • CV3
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        Can anyone expand on pharma grade amps vs ugl vials? Much difference? Just curious as I’m starting my first cycle soon.

      • monkeyballs1234
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        Well. With Pharma you are garunteed the genuine product and accurate dosing. However with Test E you are much better off (financially) going with UGL. Seems extremely unlikely that any UGL's would fake test e.

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      Eq198 probably because it looks all shiny and fancy, appeals to the noobs.

      just find yourself a good UGL CV3 , it's not like you're going to get different results, hormones are hormones unless what's inside a vial is something other then stated.

      ​​​​​​​some good sources on this forum have a look around not hard to find!


      • Eq198
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        yup that’s my take.,

        i mean ****, when i started i was drawing gear out of 500ml virbac bladders

        using tpp/npp at 150mg (good old convict ) and the crippling pip when the oil crashed in the site.,

        test is test.. and i’ve seen some of these china and indian labs that produce the gear.. while the premise etc are all ‘pharma’ which aren’t generally rated at anything more than class 1000, with the occasional class 100. The problem is, like UGL’s most of the people running them have no formal chem training, they’ve just been shown how to do things in a repeatable process.. Aseptic handling? pfft what’s that.

        i don’t rate a lot of the sub continent labs much better than a properly run UGL

      • 91xx
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        Yeah they're third world countries and not to sound like an ignorant dick but their practices would never be up to a westernised complete standard ... Then again I've never seen their labs so I wouldn't exactly know!

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      Thanks boys will go with a solid ugl then.


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        We can get our product put into amps. Just a inconvenience though for all involved. Terrible invention.
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