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    hi guys i am thinking about cooking my own oils.i am new to this whole cooking thing and i read a few tutorials online.just wanna ask you guys about the equiments and ingredients.where can i buy those things such as carrier oils,Benzyl Benzoate,Benzyl alcohol,glass vials,thermoneter,and sterile syringe filters?thank you

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    Ask Sidey mate hes been brewing for days if not weeks now and pretty much knows everything if you are in his mind.
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      Mind if i have a chat with you on wikr? Just wanna clear something up if youve got 5 minutes, i dont wanna keep filling these forums with riff raff?

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      Any time bro at sidewinderx6 , you don't generally ask my permission in the past. Im xxxxxxxxxx
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      BAHAHAHAHA I knew someone would make this comment and its funnier that it was alpha. Gold.

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    Belmont i cant pm you


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      huh?i dunno what happened with the forum's system...

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    So anyone know the outcome now


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      Outcome of what chief?

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    Dirty laundry


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      Randomly searching ebay came across all that stuff for brewing mate 👍 best of luck with it


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        wow, i didnt realize sidey had to change addresses due to this stuff. Heavy.

        But on the topic of the thread. I'd absolutely love a how-to on brewing, mainly on what equipment to buy and stuff.


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          Looks like there be a ****load of UGL in the future to me suppling there mates ra ra
          A fella I new back in the 90s went as far as brewing
          Raws he got From NZ as he was Kiwi
          Tren and test
          i remember him pinning huge amount of gear as he had it in excess
          he no longer
          walks the earth killed his pancreas died slowly?

          Not trying to put you of mate just I know it’s a huge risk have seen a ****ty UGL myself before could of had all the free gear in the world wasn’t into gear back then thank funk
          I’m still hear


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            Mate I'd just stick to buying from the suppliers.
            They make the money becasue they're the ones risking freedom.
            In the real world if something happens and you get looked into and the cops come knocking you're getting down for drug manufacture and supply, they'll never buy the personal use excuse, then you wont see daylight for 15years.

            As for sidey, if some one has a beef I'd be less worried about being offed and more worried about the cops showing up from some anonymous tip and doing just that.


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              here is everything you need for a small scale home brew..

              i have some syringe filters available if you like


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                I know a well-known website can supply these equipments.