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    Best dosages for a test p tren a mast p cycle cycle is would u keep the test lower and keep the tren and mast the same like
    200mg of test a week
    400mg of tren and mast a week pinned Ed?
    Thanks in advance
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    On my cycle in changing on week 10 from sus to test p and im.dropping the deca and hitting tren a
    On 750mg sus and 600mg deca
    Then test p ill be 1 week 600mg then week 2 800mg
    The reason for that is cause of the pinning times of eod how it falls 1 week ill pin 3 times then the next 4 times and with tren ill be hitting 300mg 1 week and 400mg the next week so itll be 2mls eod of test p and 1ml eod of tren a
    I cant figure out any other way to do it
    And i personally have always kept test higher than tren and when i used mast and tren together i used about 300mg more mast than tren and it worked well for me
    I kept getting awesome gains while leaning out


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      You obviously looking to cut?


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        Keep the test low and really let the tren and mast shine bro! Assuming you are trying to dice up.

        test around 200-250 enth or prop is fine. If you have used tren before you know what your body likes - if you havent i’d suggest starting the tren and mast at .5ml ED(or 1ml eod - i prefer ed to keep levels stable). You can probably get away with sticking at these doses if your tren and mast are good.

        From then you can ramp up to .75ml of each compound every day, and then further to 1ml ed of each compounding, depending on how your body(and mind) react. You may have to back the tren off but there should be no reason why you can’t run the mast at 700 if it’s working for you

        700 of each compound may be a bit overkill in some peoples minds but it works extremely well for me


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          Yeah guys lookong to get down to 7 or 8 percent bodyfat i have done it before just not while on aas my diet and training are exelent i am currently 107kg at 11% DEEZNUTS Thappy
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            I'm currently using ripblend and finding it to be pretty damn good. It is literally all 3 compounds you want to run in one vial. I'm always skeptical of blends because there is alot of room for error as in are there the actual amounts of each compound in every 1ml.
            I started off with 1ml/200mg shot ED then boosted it up to 1.3ml ED. I find it to be accurately dosed and be working quiet well. Leaning out and putting on some lean mass. I find it better than having to pin 3 individual compounds daily. 1 jab and thats it.