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  • Nooblet

    Hey all
    Just stumbled across the site. I've been training natural the last 5 years and need to kick start some gains again. Last cycle was ox and sus with the help of a friendly GP; I was going for strength gains over size. Now I'm 5000kms from said GP I'm checking out the forum sponsors. Going more for a bulk cycle this time so probs test-e and stack with ox. I've heard that tren is pretty awesome but I have used enough to go straight to that on my first cycle back on the juice; is that right?

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    Sorry I'm a little confused, you've used enough what to do what?


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      I think he means he hasn’t done enough to jump straight into Tren. Is that right Kingi ?


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        Oh okay I get it,
        Yeah man 100% no need for Tren right now, just go with the greatest beginner cycle and go with some test and Deca, if you want an extra kick, maybe throw in Dbol??


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          500mg test e or sust
          50mg anadrol for first 4 weeks

          thatll do it for ya


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            Thanks all. Ok I'll give that a go for a bit! Am I right I need to dose higher with the Platinum or Syntha gear than what I would have gotten from a legit prescription and pharmacy?