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New member - after some experienced advice/approval

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  • New member - after some experienced advice/approval

    Hey fellas

    On the lead-up to my first cycle. Been training for almost 4 years, seriously for 2 years

    Nearly 23yo
    14-15% BF
    Weights 5 days a week and cardio 1 day a week

    Goal is to be at 90kg at 10-12% bf or less post pct

    Been considering and planning this for the best part of 12 months. wanted to dial my diet in more before starting so after getting that sorted 6 months ago i feel like i'm ready. Hit a plateau year ago and since cleaning up my diet i've leaned down but still haven't pushed past the muscle barrier, still lifting what i did 6 months ago despite mixing up my training.

    My plan is as follows

    week 1-3 test e 300mg per week pinned every 3 days
    week 3-11 test e 400mg per week pinned every 3 days
    week 1-6 Winny 20mg ed split dose
    week 1-2 Anavar 50mg ed split dose
    week 1-13 adex 1mg daily

    week 12-13 nothing

    1500IU HCG weekly for 3 weeks (split through the week)
    50mg clomid ed for 3 week

    25mg clomid ed for final 2 weeks

    Am able to add nolvadex on for PCT at 20mg a day too depending on what you guys recommend

    Hoping i can get a yay/nay or any little things i can do to polish it up

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    I’d say that’s way to much adex at those doses I’ll let others more exp give advice on anavar and whinny it looks a bit wrong to me though


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      I dont really have much to say about it, but as far as I know, you shouldnt run hcg and nolva/clomid together.


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        I’d asses the Adex amount. You may not need that much. I go .25 ed or eod to start after a couple weeks and adjust accordingly.

        personally, I always think adding in another injectable like deca rather than orals but if you’re gonna go orals go max 4 weeks in duration.

        pct might look something like this for me usually

        hcg 250iu twice a week for cycle duration

        hcg blast at at the end 1000 3x a week leading up to beginning pct

        clomid 50/50/50/50/25
        nolva 20/20/20/20

        its hard mate you’ll have to judge it on how your recover and what works for you after bloods etc


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          Firstly welcome to the forum mate..
          Dont use hcg while doing pct
          Run the hcg after ur last injectio n for 2 weeks then for 4 weeks run nolva at 40/40/20/20
          Clomid 50/50/25/25
          With ur test e id run 500mg per week for duration of cycle and id rather use aromasin but with ur adex id say half a tab eod but ive never used adex so maybe soneone thst knows more about tht they csn help you...
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          • Marcus
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            Your welcoming him and he joined before you
            Like jdiggity said start off with .25mg of adex eod (1/4 of tab) if you get any telltale signs your e2 may be getting high adjust or after bloods adjust if needed
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          Marcus i didnt see the joined date and when i read new member i assumed he was a new memeber so i apolgise for that maybe next time ill read through people profiles thoroughly before commenting...
          And thanks for the advice on the adex cause thts what ill be ordering this time around and i wasnt sure ehat dosage to use it at i was told its the same as aromasin but im.clesrly wrong...
          Now .25mg is that like a quarter of a tab????


          • Marcus
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            Yeah bro all good not taking a shot at you mate good to have more active members on here.
            Yes 1/4 tab should be .25mg all the Adex I’ve had and I’ve used a lot of different brands have all been 1mg not sure if they come any different mg

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          Marcus all good bro... i finally found a good forum where i can learn from and hopefully teach someone aswell
          I think ur ryt they all come as 1mg i havnt seen different...ive always used aromasin but im getting some adex i just hope its as good


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            Awesome, thanks for the feedback guys
            Was under the impression that HCG was a compound to be run alongside clo/nova during PCT, proving that you can't ever ask too many questions
            looking at starting mid/late Jan so i'll be sure to let you know how it all goes!


            • Hertderg
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              I wrote a bit of a list of concerns in my comment, but here's a major one. Running Arimidex that high could crush estrogen, especially while you're waiting for a long ester test to kick in. Low estrogen equals no gains, no sex, and emmotional problems. Be careful, and start low. You can always add more if you're seeing some bloat come on or notice other sides,but if you crush it, it can take some time to come back up.

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            Hello and welcome, there is a problem with your cycle layout and I would not recommend it at all, this is what I would recommend.

            Week 1-12

            Test Enanthate - 500mg/week
            Arimidex 0.25mg/EOD, see how you feel if needed go to 0.5

            Week 1-6

            Winstrol - 30mg/daily

            3 Days after last pin, up until PCT

            HCG 1500 IU every 4-5 days


            Clomod 50/50/25/25
            Nilva 40/40/20/20

            Dont run 2 orals at the same time, that is just asking for liver trouble, if you really want to use the var use it from week 10-12.
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              All really good points made. It’s best to keep it simple for the first cycle mate, because I guarantee if you do it, it’s not gonna be your last.

              Personally I think 6 weeks is a little long for an oral but if you’re running some liver care with it you might get away with it.

              I would be inclined to run hcg through our cycle. Keep the LH firing.

              Either way youre not going to know what works best for you until you try it. All I can recommend is get some bloods done pre and post cycle. Pre cycle bloods will at least give you a base level to aim for when you finish pct to know when you have recovered. Too many guys these days don’t do bloods, do a short 4-6 week pct and jump back on the gear. If you have a cool doc you might get them bulk billed if you play up some symptoms, otherwise it’s like 200 bucks.

              Really important to do imo as you’re still young and don’t wonna Be one of the gear dependant guys with e2 through the roof. Best of luck bro


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                Just something I'd like to add, but running a heap of different compounds on your first cycle isn't smart. If you've never used AAS, then you're going to want to learn what each compound does for you individually. If you get to week four and your blood pressure is through the roof, what are you going to do? Is it your diet? Is it the winny? Is it the test? If you get 2 weeks in and you have headaches, what is the cause? I ALWAYS advise others to run a simple test cycle, with nothing else, so you can learn what it does to you. You can then go on to add other compounds next cycle, knowing full well how the test affects you, therefore if there's a negative side effect that crops up, you'll be able to deal with it in an efficient and safe manner. Also, your goals are very attainable with a test only cycle, if you know how to diet and train. ESPECIALLY a first cycle. Next, winny and anavar? Unless you are experienced, you shouldn't be running two orals together! Do you understand what one oral will do to your liver numbers? Do you even know if your liver numbers are now? Next, you don't yet know how your lipid profile will be effected by taking Arimidex? Do you realise how much more it'll be effected when you throw winny into the mix? There are so many factors here that are an issue. When you throw a heap of drugs you've never used into a pot, it could be a recipe for disaster. Do it smart and run a basic cycle, train hard and eat clean. You'll probably easily get where you want to go..


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                  This cycle is definitely showing your age. It tells me you've spent a lot of time readying what you want to hear and not what you should do.
                  The age thing gets covered here contantly, so whatever, you're gonna cycle whether we tell you or not.

                  This is your FIRST cycle, so you must keep it simple.

                  12 weeks - 500mg test E - split dose twice a week.
                  Aromasin 12.5mg twice a week, only on shot days, from week 2 or 3.

                  PCT Nolva 2 weeks from last shot 40/40/20/20 per day per week.

                  Lets break down the WHY.

                  At this point you have no idea how you will respond to Testosterone on its own. You need to know this.
                  You have no idea how you respond to winstrol or anavar.
                  By starting everything at once in your first cycle how will you know what's causing a problem if there is one?

                  It's advised that you use 1 compound you first cycle so you understand your bodies response, growth, water, recovery, sides.
                  I suggest waiting a bit on AIs because you don't even know how your body aromatises yet, if you smash it from day one you may stall gains, lose energy, affect mood ect.
                  You may not even need an AI at that dose, listen to your body, YOU WONT GET GYNO. I know, the paranoia but its just so unlikely at this point.

                  If you really want to add an oral for your first cycle save it for the last 4 weeks and add ONE, these orals are better finishers anyway so its a waste to put them at the start.

                  I'm an advocate for HCG pre PCT, some will say during cycle, both have merits, mid cycle though is mostly cosmetic and risks LH dependency.
                  At this level I wouldn't bother with HCG, really once you stop and at your age all should be well with a normal PCT. After all research i still see no reason to run both nolva and clomid though, So I stick with Nolva.
                  If you want to run HCG, start a week after last shot (maybe 5 days) do 1000iu eod/e3d until you're out, timed to start PCT the day after you finish.

                  Keep it simple.


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                    HeadBeeGuy IS ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON! Every word of it. You would be STUPID not to take what he just wrote as gospel.