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    Hey all I've been a member a while now learnt a fair bit from all the posts think it's time I get in and post myself I'm 29 100kg 10%bf been lifting for 5 years I've only ever used test e or test cyp but next cycle Im going to add in npp just wanna no a good dose and pinning frequency thanks

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    Hey bro, fist of all if you're going to run long ester test, you may as well run Deca instead of NPP. It makes pinning a lot easier, and it's the same compound (though a lot of guys will probably argue) and cheaper per mg. Short of that, I'd run test prop with your NPP mixed in the same syringe at 100mg of each compound every other day and see how you respond. Keep your estrogen under control and you shouldn't have any gyno issues. Thats a decent place to start, and you don't want to go too crazy with doeses until you know how you respond to the new compound. Of course, every day dosing is possible with slin pins at this mg range too, if that's your preference. After a few weeks at this dosage, you can bump it up a little, but realistically, nandrolone at 350mg per week is enough to see good results. If anything, bump up the test a little and make sure you up the AI to suit, as this will help keep prolactin/progesterone lower. Great choice in compound too, and ask away if there's any other questions.


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      I agree with derg, both compounds are very similar, i've used both and i dont think I'd bother with npp again, dosed low, frequent pins and still takes time for the nandrolone to build and become effective.
      I had similar results this year from deca and npp on different cycle.

      Run 500/500 test and deca. 1ml twice a week. Min 12 weeks, run longer if you can, or drop deca after week 12 run test for another 2 then start PCT procedures