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  • Salutations


    Like a couple of others before me I have been lurking around on the forum reading threads and so on.

    So, I am 46, been training on and off for the last 20 years, but a solid on for the last 2 years, with a proceeding almost solid 3 years (2nd wife interrupted that flow - as did playing tennis with my son and injuring right shoulder).

    I have had bloods done, and my T and free-T was low. How low? Not Low enough to get TRT. I am in the bottom 1/4 of the range, but low enough to explain the symptoms and plateauing. Good news is E is low too. LDL is slightly up - but GP was dismissive.

    Well I am a little mixed on doing first cycle. Excited and scared. Excited to see what happens, hopefully go slightly up overall Bodyweight and down in BF%. Hopefully I can hit legs better (they seem to take so long to recover). What am I scared of, well the usual associated with UGL, pinning, sides, and well probably mostly..... I might just like it.

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    Welcome to the forum mate
    And may i tell you that you wull absolutely LOVE your first cycle
    Good luck champ and keep us updated
    I recommend 500mg test e for 12 weeks then start cruising
    At ur age ur perfect for TRT
    Others on this forum would be more helpful than i am in this field
    But good luck


    • NextPhase404
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      That’s what I I hear. THe LOVE it response.

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    Welcome bud.

    Are you considering TRT or a cycle followed by TRT (Blast Cruise)?


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      Welcome to the forums mate.


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        Welcome bro. If you've had low test for some time, I'd recommend a cycle of only 300-400mg test e, you'll find that it blows your socks off. After that cruise on 200mg and you'll keep every bit of those lovely gains. Make sure you read up on how to use AIs and PCT correctly (though you won't need this if you blast/cruise) but it may be helpful if you need to come off for some reason. Better to know ahead of time what you're dealing with. Any questions, just go ahead and ask, no matter how stupid they may be. Many people have failed to ask questions here, only to mess things up down the track and have to ask how to fix it. Train hard and heavy


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          Thanks for the tips. I have done a shed load of reading; not a light decision.
          Cycle then PCT is the plan. See how I feel. I figure if I go to a cruise, then so be it.


          • Poseidon
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            I cant wait till i have 2 more kids then im cruising for the rest of my life and gonna blsst twice a year till the day i die...
            Im 30 now so by 35 ill have my 3 kids and ill be ready

          • Sherbs42
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            I'm 29 mate and I've just started to do cruise and about to run a blast of npp or deca with my test. already had my 3 kids n got the snip so no point of pct for me. probably cost me more on tabs then test to cruise and the up n down Rollercoaster of hormones just ain't worth the trouble

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          Greetings mate welcome πŸ˜†


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            welcome aboard, you came to the right forum


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              Welcome mate, your first cycle will be a lot of fun!


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                welcome to the board brother. heaps of info on here about pct, cruise and blasting and what to run for your first cycle. I'd say 400/500 test e a week and you will love it. just my advice would be run a cruise cause ur test is already low. only gunnar go back there or even worse after pct


                • NextPhase404
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                  I tend to agree. We will see.
                  I would probably still run some HCG, otherwise wifey will be like wtf (esp. during a t-bagging 😳)

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                Welcome to the forum


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                  T-Bagging !!! πŸ˜‚
                  welcome aboard mate , ya gonna love your 1st cycle , turns guys into demigods !