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  • Supertren 550

    Was interested in purchasing kryptos supertren but unsure about dosing and pinning frequency with the different esters, would you pin it like sus 2x a week or pin it ed because of the tren base?

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    I’m going to change it up start at .5 mil twice a week then after 3 weeks go to 1mil twice a week then week 6 will do .3 of a mil ed using slin pin.
    just playing around with dose and frequency will adjust to how I’m feeling ect.
    Will be using EQ to keep me eating.


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      yeah i was thinking .15 mil ed using slin pin have you started it yet?


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        Im in the same boat but with the deca/test/dbol 690mg blend. Im wondering about the pip at such a high concentration. I was thining of doing 1ml twice a week and diluting each injection with either 1ml of test enanthate or more likely 1ml of eq. Will this a) work ie having both mixtures in the one syringe wont affect the product and b) should i dose on the off injection days with with 30-40mg of dbol oral to keep the dbol levels stable?


        • rufls1
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          Having two solutions in one vial will have no negative effect and will save having to do multiple injections, i dont think diluting it would do much but have you jabbing more oil haha and imo you should dose dbol ed.

        • Mediocrates
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          Cheers mate. Im about to find out what the pip from 1ml is now. The blend comes with 30-40mg dbol in it already, so im only gonna dose on oral dbol on the non injection days.

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        Haven’t started yet but know someone who is using it and says there is hardly any pip, gets more pip pip from test p.


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          After reading the shelf life thread i jumped straight to 1ml shots. Mate the tren base hits quick, reminds me of how methyl tren kicks in. Taste it in your mouth for about ten minutes post injection, love it!


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            Lol Tokedawg i did the same thing after reading the shelflife post.. Now ive got to use 20mls of the test 1000 and 40mls of the test/deca/dbol 690 blends in 10 weeks so ill be on 4mls of the 690 pw and 2mls of the 1000 pw ffs hahaha. The 690 has absolutely no pip and feels great.


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              I'm using his tren/mast blend 700mg/ml .
              nice Andy smooth with zero pip


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                Lol Mediocrates you'll be pissing oil at that rate! On another note trensomnia kicked in by the end of the first week for me. Damn that normally rolls in around week four, it's terrible! Fvck I'm expecting some good results at this rate


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                  Test deca blend + supertren .35 and .7ml EOD only just added the tren today but actually surprised that there’s no pip with either of these high concentrations
                  let the night sweats begin haha!


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                    Fvvk the trensomnia is killing me haha


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                      I'm doing 0.5ml ED... i pre loaded 40 insulin pens (the whole vial)

                      4 days in the sides were crazy. No sleep for two days still felt like I had 8hrs sleep, strength/libido threw the roof ?

                      Now 9 days in it's like my body's adapted to it ? I don't feel anything. In the past running tren a etc I would nearly die everytime I'd have sex.. I'm not feeling anything now besides the 500mg of test.
                      I will continue at the dose of 3.5mg EW. There still is tome
                      until the Enanthate tren has to kick in..

                      6 day food prep, training. Everything on point....
                      i felt better on 2mls of tren e. But only time will tell

                      I presume my body is obsorbing/the dosing is around 900mg of what I'd expect from what I'm actually having.. so.. I expect high things with this blend. Going to get bloods done tomorrow and then will go in 2 weeks when all the tren esters kick in....



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                        awesome bro

                      • Gio
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                        I don't know jasonkiller you would expect more from 2.1G tren. Who knows.

                      • Tokendays
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                        Second that about the sides, feel abit warmer than usual but on 2ml of tren e a week I would wake up completely wet no exgeration with my room smelling of BO, yet to experience that atm

                        Running .5ml everyday also, strength is 100% there, intense long workouts and feeling animal in the gym so it’s very strange to not be experiencing sides when I’m prone

                        Im seeing daily changes with my body though, leaning out regardless of how much I eat ( 4-5k cals )

                        Very interested to see how the rest of the cycle plays out..

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                      Yeah defiantly interesting, especially because we are on the same dose. How many weeks are you in? Yes I agree, though I felt better on 400mg of tren. But we'll see how this pans out, the ester of 700mg of tren e & "hex" from the blend is still yet to peak. Which be in 4-5 halflifes 3 weeks max ?


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                        I’m 7 days in atm ( super tren 600mg ) but was 2weeks into super tren (550mg) before krypto sent out another vial as I asked about dosing protocol, was running .75ml EOD and still have majority of that vial left over but jumped straight onto this one and followed his protocol he recommended which was .5ml ED for two weeks then 1ml every second day for two weeks then .75ml ED ect