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  • Most Popular Fitness Product on the market

    So a friend of mine asked me this question. He is a marketer who had an idea to sell the most popular fitness product at a loss to build up a customer base, or email list or something. Anyway my first instinct was protein but when you split it into the various types and then split it again by brands it wouldn't even be close.

    So what single fitness item does the learned crew around here think it should be. If you own a supp store you probably know the answer.

    I am thinking maybe oxyshred by EHP Labs but I would love to hear other peoples opinion.

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    I think it really depends on the audience. Are we talking standard gym rats, gym bunny’s or the more serious lifters ? My go to would be merchandise. Drink bottles, gym clothes and towels.

    You’re correct though protein is a solid all around option along with creatine and EAA’s.


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      I would think that 1 of the big name PWO's being sold at below his wholesale cost would generate a lot of noise around the traps. Probably be 20% or more cheaper than anyone else selling the same product?
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        why not build a product from the base. no fillers. raw materials. and have each bottle custom made by allowing the user to add ingredients, obliviously some smart conditions when dose has exceeded it will be flagged in the cart. id mix a mean PreW with the usual culprits, adding in some B12 NO boosters and some clean nootropics. could even go UG and add dmha, sarms in it


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          Nootropics are S4 now from memory also so if he wants the legal route they cant be used.

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        I think most gym guys are tight a sess, target middle aged women that want to lose weight 👌


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          Tren acetate


          • Mick1984
            Mick1984 commented
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            TNE as well.

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          If my wife's instagram is anything to go by, Booty programs and teas that make you **** yourself.


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            I would say a pre with a mild fat burn. Everybody's favourite thing


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              People lose their **** for oxyshred for some reason.
              that booth at the classic is always going off


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                Definitely thinking weight loss is more popular from the replies and basic logic (we as a a nation are fat). Thanks for the replies


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                  I’m surprised no one has said BCAAs


                  • Prospect
                    Prospect commented
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                    Try the first comment buddy

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                  Yep, anything with ''weight loss' on the bottle. Even my GF, who knows better, buys the protein powder that comes in a container the shape of a woman's body .ie sucked in stomach. Now it's some overpriced **** called 'maxines burn'


                  • Phelpsy
                    Phelpsy commented
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                    Maxine’s burn sounds nasty lol

                  • Lorenzo
                    Lorenzo commented
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                    I had maxines burn once
                    Couldn't piss right for a week

                    Damm tinder

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                  Amongst my peers it's Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.