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Best supplier for dnp?

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  • Best supplier for dnp?

    Hi guys, I was wondering who you rate the most highly for good quality dnp? I know Ausjuice gives great service but I haven’t seen it sold there and I previously bought from Roidstop but it was 100% bunk, they say their dnp is handled by a third party which is not ideal considering the danger. Anybody know of a reliable, trusted source that sells legit quality? Thanks in advance!

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    All the above posted in the last week - There was a few more the week prior all without any real answers so it's a safe bet that nobody on this forums knows. Either don't use it or roll the dice and post your review on wherever you try.


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      Appreciate the links, does this forum have a rep system for good posts?

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    The margin for error on DNP is not huge. Wouldn't trust any of the current suppliers of it after the not so great reviews.

    100-400mg per day is an effective dose. 1000mg will likely kill you. So hope they supplier has their **** on point.