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Deca and Test bloat

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  • Deca and Test bloat

    need some information on how to stop the deca and test e bloat. What do I have to run to help

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    take an AI and a herbal diuretic if you need it mate but honestly if you’re so bothered by bloating dont take test and deca.

    right tools for the right job mate, too much aromatisation.


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      I love this comment

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    You do know what an ai is don’t you.... I mean this is common knowledge prior to starting a cycle


    • Cane Corso
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      R2D2 is AI.... Not sure how that helps his cycle out though.

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    Use NPP instead.


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      Comes with the territory mate. What are your doses? Do what you can to mitigate the bloat naturally (herbal diuretic, drink water, lower sodium, more magnesium, potassium etc).

      I wouldn't use meds/AI for water retention unless blood pressure and estrogen were an issue.


      • mitch95
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        does arimidex help lower blood pressure

      • LilB
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        It's not exactly a blood pressure medicine. But it can help with blood pressure by reducing excess water retention caused by elevated estrogen.
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      What to do would depend on the dosages you're taking. If they're too high, lower em! Quick solution.
      However, if you're overly sensitive to deca and therefore progestin & prolactin, which causes bloat, you will need an AI, as the guys suggested, but more importantly, you should also use Cabergoline and high doses of B6.

      Test & Deca dosages?

      And next time you ask for help...remember the magic word!🙏
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        I got bloat on deca too, used npp since and never had a problem with bloat since, even at high doses.