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    Hello again fella's,

    In addition to the TV shows thread I am wanting to get a new workout playlist .
    If you can't tell, i'm very bored with this downtime hahaha.

    So list 3-4 of your favourite songs to listen to whilst training. I like most music so don't be ashamed if your a t-swift fan, feel free to post it.

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    Gotta be heavy for me.

    Slipknot, Metallica, five finger death punch, Rob zombie...

    You get the idea


    • Ninjathecat
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      I recently started listening to king 810 I swear I get like 10% extra strength when I have them playing.

    • Lunchbox-lord
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      Ninjathecat King 810 makes me at least 10% more anabolic

    • whoremoan
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      nice taste in music you have their boss

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    Death Angel
    Fear factory ...anything heavy n old school trash 😎


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      Lamb of god funk yeah
      grew up on metal but love a good old heavy drum bass set been cranking it at the gym lately
      Try some heavy drum bass fellas like the upbeats or noisia
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        Originally posted by Thor View Post
        Lamb of god funk yeah
        grew up on metal but love a good old heavy drum bass set been cranking it at the gym lately
        Try some heavy drum bass fellas like the upbeats or noisia
        **** yeah D&B all the way. Ed Rush & Optical


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          Awesome brother Good to see a dnb Nutta on the forum yeah boiiiiiiii 👍
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        • Mediocrates
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          Gotta love some good old techstep and 2step dnb. Try some old school jump up like urban takeover.

          If you want a monster old school track to start off with this badboi ..

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        eye of the tiger
        by survivor
        cant be touched remix
        by eminem
        turn down for what
        by dj snake and lil jon
        by iggy azalea


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          Hahaha, love the t swift fan, she needs some loving to!


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            Parkway drive, tool,machine head, five finger


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              Self vs self by pendulum
              Fire woman by the cult
              Chip of the block by machinegun Kelly
              Every rob zombie song


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                Eyehategod - medicine noose
                Xibalba - times up
                Goatsnake - innocent


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                  The Vengeful One - Disturbed
                  The Ninth Wave - Emil Bulls
                  Cold Like War - We Came As Romans
                  Gloryhole - Steel Panther
                  My Vow - Black Veil brides
                  this is the new **** - Marilyn Manson
                  Slutgarden - Marilyn Manson
                  Threshold - slayer
                  Piss on your grave - Travis Scott
                  Slither - velvet revolver
                  Dead wrong - notorious big
                  What you gonna do - Diddy, notorious big, rick Ross
                  Sound of a gun - audioslave
                  The gunner - machine gun Kelly


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                    Usually heavy stuff for me, fires me up lol
                    metallica, the amity affliction, parkway drive, I killed the prom queen, been getting into the ghost inside lately too

                    also a bit of rap, mainly a few eminem songs


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                      swing - parkway drive
                      skeletons - amity affliction
                      misunderstanding - we came as romans
                      countdown - dangerkids


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                        Wow I just read all those comments never heard of any of them bands/singers.....

                        besides eye eye of the tiger... lol
                        i listen to rap etc. but tonight I will try these heavy metal death singers tonight .


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                          Cheers for the recommendation's fella's, keep em coming.