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  • Done my back

    This morning at 4am i bent down to pick my daughter up out of the cot n i just felt my lower bsck go.. i couldnt breathe for about 5mins. I didnt even lift anything i was just in the motion of grabbing her...
    Im at work now completely screwed..
    Would hot water bag help after work or deep heat rub lotion????

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    Jesus mate, if it was honestly that bad & your still feeling it now, make an appointment with your gp. Or give it a few hours, some OTC voltaren and then make the call if warranted. Hope it works out though, let us know how you go.


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      Heat pack always works bro but its temporary. What kind of a pain is it? Does it only hurt when you bend?


      • Poseidon
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        Constant sharp pain
        Definetely worse when i bend

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      Hey bro.
      u probably have bulged ur disc. Thats what mine feels like when it happens. Go to GP get ct scan that will show everything. While u wait go to a good physio get those muscles loosen up. Get some really strong anti inflammation tablets.
      hot bath with Epson salts will help.
      Dm if u need to know anything else.


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        dont sit down, keep moving. foam roll as much as you can, of your spinal errectos. since they will spasm up and thats why your lower back feels like it does.

        get a CT done. and find out where you went wrong?

        do you do manual labour?

        ive done my L1-S1 all at moderate bulges i cant deadlift anymore i can squat low reps. but i can still feel it afterwards. no leg press. it took me a good 6 weeks to train again. if your using gear it will recover alot quicker.


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          Hopefully it's not bulged discs . I am off from gym for one year now my normal life is all scrweds up as well see how you feel after couple of days.. You eant to take this stuff serious brob


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            All good advice above but whatever you do, do NOT roller your lower back.

            I would say you will need to let it really settle and see what it's like in two weeks time. In the mean time, if you can, go and get an MRI done and get to the physio.

            Heat-packs will be your friends.


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              Cream from chemest warehouse called zen has Chinese ginsing and other stuff worked wonders for my knee you'll need to rest up n drink plenty of fluid brother hope it comes good ,went through similar starting old mower dropped me turned out pinched siattic nerve ๐Ÿ˜ซ


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                I've had buldging discs twice now, and having never, ever wanting to experience that pain again I religiously stretch and warm up my back and never do anything that will cause a repetitive stress. I used to steam clean carpets for a living and doing that action for sometimes 12+ hours a day wore my discs.

                Take care buddy. Hope it sorts out sooner than later!


                • Amaan
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                  Hey bro what kind of stretches you do?I am a chef so that repetitive twisting and turning and bending down isn't helping

                • JimmieRustler
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                  For my upper back i found the best stretch for me is to wrap a band around a piece of equipment heavy enough so it doesn't drag, then to sqaut, raise my hips and bring my knees in a bit to stretch the hamstrings (bent over row position), then as you stand up take a step back and bting your feet together allowing the band resistance to drag your arms forward - I can feel that open up the muscle fibres in just about every muscle in the upper back and the blood flows really well just holding it. Of course, you miss the lower back though so...

                  For lower back, the best thing for me is to get a box or stepper, grab a kettle bell and lower it down slowly off the edge of the step/box. Really opens up your lower back nicely! It's essentially the only thing I'd recommend doing with a rounded back. You gotta round your back to feel it stretch out your lower back, and just let the weight drag and stretch you. I only use 15kg - 20kg kettle bell because it's just a stretch.

                  Good luck brother

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                Rapigel, hot wheat pack and anti inflammatories.....I have had back issues and have a bulged L5.......CT scan to see what exactly it is, if it is a bulged disk, itโ€™s not the end of the world, decent Physio, adjust workout routines and know your trigger and get some medical advice 1st mate, might just be a strain๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


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                  Ive never in my life felt anything like this...
                  Im sitting down im feeling it whatever i do i feel it...
                  Im a steelfixer in construction and all we do is heavy labour n i was ****ed today lucky i had an easy day...


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                    Hey Bro, I feel your pain, im in the ****ed back crew as well, slip S1 L5. and bulge L5 L4.
                    Get to your Dr, pronto and get a scan and some professional advice and a assessment
                    If you can get Dr note have a few days off, if your work is just going to make it worse
                    And don't load yourself up with weight it will just aggravate it. Wait till you know what is causing it.
                    My has come good from rest new technique over time


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                      get to chiropractor ASAP!


                      • NTRJ
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                        **** that, you don't want one of those ****ers going near if you have a bulged disc. You can pretty much guarantee you will end up with a prolapsed disc and believe me that has been the most painful thing of my life, nothing comes remotely close to that.

                      • nicholasg
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                        I should have clarified - a GOOD chiropractor!

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                      GP for scans for sure. Then physio.

                      Avoid pain killers (aside from Panadol and Nurofen).


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                        Ive been taking panadene forte and got dr appointment tomorrow after work
                        I shouldnt be going to work but i really dnt like having days off it keeps my mind busy
                        Ill be on the plans anyway so i wont be lifting or bending down tieing anything