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Nolva and clomid

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  • Nolva and clomid

    Hey guys, I have my pct coming up in a few weeks and just had a question about it as my research has offered mixed opinions.

    Is it necessary to run nolva alongside clomid or is this overkill and will nolva in its own suffice ?

    week 1-10: 750mg test e p/w
    week 1-3, 10-12 600mg prop p/w

    Planned PCT:
    Week 13 &14 Nolva 40mg ED
    Week 15 & 16 Nolva 20mg ED

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Personally I find clomid is better than nolva for pct


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      Stacking SERMs is unnecessary. They'll be competing for the same receptors and you'll have all the lovely sides from Clomid to tend with.


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        I'm yet to see any scientific literature that backs up the theory that there is any meaningful difference between nolva and clomid for PCT purposes and therefore any point in combining them.

        they're structurally almost identical and as mentioned above act on the same receptors for PCT purposes.

        i'm more than happy to be proven wrong because it's a commonly held belief that i've never been able to get to the bottom of.