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Liver Support: NAC vs. UDCA

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  • Liver Support: NAC vs. UDCA

    Liver Support: NAC vs. UDCA

    These two are probably the most mentioned liver supporting drugs around forums. I'll discuss the two drugs so that you can make a more informed decision. Please note that there are other great liver support methods but these are the ones I chose to compare. I will not be making any comparisons to other drugs. Please refrain from asking for reviews and/or comparisons to other drugs. These are the only two that I have ever used.

    UDCA: Ursodeoxycholic acid

    TUDCA is the same except it contains Taurine, hence the T. Taurine benefits will not be discussed, the following is in reference to UDCA only.

    UDCA is a bile acid. (bear bile) - Pharm grade is manufactured and is not bear bile. This drug is very effective. However, my recommendation would be to use this drug for conditions such as gallstones, mainly cholesterol generated stones. I also recommend this as a preventative measure for those who are overweight and losing weight rapidly. These are natural occurrences that happen in your body. There is a reason why this drug is an Rx drug. It's used for serious conditions such as Cirrhosis of the liver, Chronic liver disease and even liver transplants rely on it to prevent rejection.

    The way UDCA works is by increasing bile flow from the gallbladder to the intestine. Bile is quite toxic if flow is hindered. It decreases the amount of cholesterol your liver generates and decreases cholesterol from food. This is why it's such a great drug for preventing cholesterol stones.

    Now, I know everyone is thinking of that other thread about liver protection and how it says nothing is greater. However, that thread also says there has been research on liver protection from steroids using UDCA. Please take special note of the word "research", not study. The reason I mention this is because I do not recommend long-term use of UDCA. Especially in steroid -induced liver damage cases from long cycles. If you use it, it's best used on cycle and discontinued. Either way, we know it works.

    In conclusion: Yes, UDCA is very effective for use while on a steroid cycle. However, it's use is limited and does not offer benefits in other areas.

    NAC: N-Acetyl Cysteine

    NAC is derived from the Amino Acid; L-Cysteine. Most of you already know that this Over the Counter product is my choice. It's readily available and it's cheap. You take it for your liver, but NAC's uses and areas of benefit would shock even some of the more educated users. I'll go as far as saying many doctors are unaware of how powerful this drug really is. Let's have a look...

    I'll cover the liver first since that's the main concern for us. NAC can prevent all types of damage to the liver. Whether it's alcohol damage or steroid-induced damage. NAC is a precursor for Glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants available in our bodies and it's very stable. Similar to UDCA, it also provides aid in bile flow and lowers elevated enzymes. Not quite as effective in the presence of stones, however, can be an effective preventative measure for cholesterol generated stones.

    Here's a list of benefits NAC can provide your body:

    01. Powerful antioxidant
    02. Counteracts poisons (carbon monoxide, acetaminophen)
    03. Treats Lung infections (bronchitis, influenza, obstructive pulmonary... yes, even you dang smokers)
    04. Treats acute liver failure
    05. Treats Ear infections
    06. Lowers cholesterol
    07. Increased immunity
    08. Has a role in Energy
    09. Aids with psychiatric conditions (depression, obsession, addictions)
    10. Prevents kidney stones
    11. Protects muscle tissue (post workout recovery)
    12. Improves insulin sensitivity (gbrice!)
    13. Treats stomach infections
    14. Defends against stomach-ulcer causing bacteria.
    15. Seriously? You're still reading? Go get some NAC!

    This is why I choose NAC. It will protect my liver just as good as UDCA, but its overall benefits are unbelievable.

    Doses up to 2000mg daily for prolonged periods have shown no ill effects. Doses up to 2800mg were proven safe for several months. However, we want to use NAC year round.

    How to dose NAC:

    600mg daily year round. Increase to 1200mg for an injectable steroid cycle. Increase to 1800mg - 2400mg in the presence of oral steroids . Obviously use the lower dose for mildly toxic steroids such as Anavar , and the heavier dose for toxic steroids such as Dianabol .

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    Okay sounds interesting I never knew nac was that good I usually take with taurine.

    so which brand NAC do you use dr roids


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      Ill be using nac from now on
      I never thought about using it all year round


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        I always thought UDCA was far superior. Good to know NAC is just as good and significantly cheaper too!


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          we talking iherb or bulknutrients? wow great thread

          makes me do some WICKED farts tho


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            Mean while doc roids has just bought shares in a NAC company...😂.
            in all seriousness good write up !