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  • HCG 5000iu query

    250iu twice a week - using this needle at .05 units per shot?

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    Depends how shutdown you are mate and what you were taking and for how long.
    Ive found your better off to go hardcore with HCG , like 5x 1000i.u. or 1x 3000i.u. then 4x 500.i.u. to give your body a real kik up the ass then use adex to help the recovery progression.

    all the best mate


    • Lifter2008
      Lifter2008 commented
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      Cheers - was going to use it twice a week at 250iu whilst on 500 test e a week for 10 wks.

    • Ahou987
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      Hahaha, this made my day :P, love the analogy!

    • Marcus
      Marcus commented
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      Mountain80 Adex for pct? When I use to pct I’d use nolva clomid to help recovery?
      2ml bac water at 5000iu Hcg will be 10 units per 250iu of hcg
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    Roger that mate.
    all the best with it


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      Originally posted by Lifter2008 View Post
      250iu twice a week - using this needle at .05 units per shot?
      Everyone has their own approach to how they wish to use HCG these days.
      I highly recommend using it at 250iu twice a week like you have mentioned.

      Add 2ml of bac water to it as Marcus has said and then 10units on the pin will be 250iu.

      I also recommend upping your cycle length to 12 weeks to get the most out of it.


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        I do 250iu twice a week last 5 weeks of cycle (including 1week before of the 2weeks before start PCT if using long ester) then 500iu ED for 5 days then start PCT 2 days later end of 2 weeks. Find it helps the boys be a bit more sensitive then swell up like beach balls ready for PCT Action


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          Totally agree with NTRJ


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            doesn't make sense to me why people use hCG for only the last 5 weeks of cycle or for PCT...

            use hCG from day 1 of your cycle until start of PCT.

            i mean, why let your balls shut down if you don't need to?


            • HeadBeeGuy
              HeadBeeGuy commented
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              Because why let them make test when they don't need to. The biggest problem with the HCG is that LH dependency is a risk with long term use, so when you're body realises it no longer needs to produce Luteinizing hormone you need HCG treatment forever to keep your nuts running.

            • leanmac
              leanmac commented
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              Why, because it’s a lot better than allowing your balls to shut down completely when there’s no good reason they need to.

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            Hello all. I hope the below extracts will offer some more insight to HCG. These reviews by Nelson Vergel from ExcelMale suggest the doses that may be effective, depending on your specific case. I am yet to see any literature to suggest that HCG will cause issues with HPTA recovery when used long term at these doses. If anyone could link any, that would be valuable to ignite discussion. Until then, it seems HCG as an adjuvant to AAS is safe and effective for its intended purpose. I know Dr. John Crisler has seen some success with HCG monotherapy as a stand alone for HRT even. Regards, David.

            Study #1: A 2013 study published in the Journal of Urology discovered that low-dose HCG injections helped to prevent a reduction in sperm count as a result of testosterone replacement therapy.

            26 men (mean age: 35.9 years old) participated in the study.
            19 were given testosterone injections once per week
            7 were given transdermal testosterone gel once per day
            In addition to the testosterone, the men were given 500 IU of HCG every 2 days.
            The researchers measured blood testosterone levels, free testosterone, estradiol, and semen parameters, both before and during the treatment. Pregnancy rates among the men were also measured to determine the outcome of the therapy.

            The results were fascinating:

            All hormone levels increased. Blood testosterone, free testosterone, and estradiol levels all increased significantly as a result of the treatments.

            9 of the men contributed to pregnancy with a partner.

            Semen parameters remained the same for more than 1 year of treatment. This means the HCG treatments prevented the TRT from reducing sperm count, motility, and viability.

            That last result was the most important of all. Not only did the study prove that HCG injections help to increase the levels of testosterone, but they also prevent sperm reduction as a result. The low-dose injections of HCG preserved the fertility of the men treated.

            Study #2: A 2005 study conducted at the University of Washington School of Medicine examined the effects of HCG on the intra-testicular testosterone (ITT).
            While serum (blood) and free testosterone levels are a good marker of overall health, intra-testicular testosterone is a more accurate measure of male fertility. According to an older study, low ITT levels leads to reduced sperm production and poor sperm health.
            The 2005 study examined how HCG helped to maintain healthy ITT levels, maintaining proper spermatogenesis among the men the participated in the study.
            29 men were evaluated as part of the research, all with "normal reproductive physiology". They were divided at random into four groups:

            Group 1 (Control): This group received a saline placebo.
            Group 2 (Experimental 125): This group received 125 IU of HCG every two days.
            Group 3 (Experimental 250): This group received 250 IU of HCG every two days.
            Group 4 (Experimental 500): This group received 500 IU of HCG every two days.

            In addition to the HCG injections, the men were also given testosterone enanthate. During the three-week study, the researchers measured both baseline serum (blood) testosterone levels and intra-testicular testosterone. The men's LH and FSH levels were suppressed greatly in order to examine the effects of the HCG/testosterone levels without interference from the other fertility hormones.

            The results of this test proved one fact beyond a doubt: the higher the dose of HCG, the lesser the effects of the TRT.

            The Experimental 125 group saw a 25% reduction in their ITT levels as a result of the testosterone treatment.

            The Experimental 250 group saw only a 7% reduction in their ITT levels throughout the 3-week study.

            The Experimental 500 group saw a 26% INCREASE in their ITT levels by the time the study had run its course.

            This study backs up the evidence discovered in the first study. Just 500 IU of HCG every 2 days is enough to counteract the negative effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Not only will it help to promote healthy spermatogenesis, but it can maintain healthy sperm count, motility, and viability. Injections of HCG may be just the thing to make your TRT more effective at boosting fertility and testosterone levels.

            Note: HCG drops or supplements are NOT a viable alternative to medical-grade HCG. Your doctor will need to write you a prescription for HCG injections.

            Not only will HCG help to restore your fertility and sperm production, but it can reduce the testicle shrinkage caused by the TRT. Using HCG with TRT can restore your testicles to their normal, healthy size and function. Thanks to the TRT/HCG therapy, you may experience normal intra-testicular testosterone production, leading to increased fertility and overall health.

            J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2005 May;90(5):2595-602. Epub 2005 Feb 15.

            J Urol. 2013 Feb;189(2):647-50. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2012.09.043. Epub 2012 Dec 20.
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