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  • First Cycle.

    Hey fellas! New here. I am looking to sart my first cycle of Test E 500 mg a week and Arimidex 0.5 twice a week.

    Im in Australia obviously. I looked at and they seem amazing! However im being slightly indecisive.

    Im getting the Omina Test E.

    Is Austeroids my best option? I emailed them earlier and they replied promptly and respectfully.


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    What’s your stats mate
    and diet looking like and how do you like to train .
    Your first cycle will be great gains make the most of it ,
    good luck.



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      Omnia gear is top notch. Enjoy the gains


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        Austeroids is a good option - So are the other suppliers in the Sponsors forum. l believe only one is overseas, the rest are domestic so you can't really go wrong.

        You haven't given much information to work with however just make sure your PCT is in order.

        All of this ^^ isn't as important to gaining muscle as having a good diet and training regiment in place - Definitely sort all that out first before hoping on.


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          I would personally use 250-300mg for first cycle. Best to start off lower and get the most out of the least and also why 0.5mg Adex? What if you don’t aromatise that much? I would look at getting your bloods done before you start and another after 2-3 weeks in to check your E2. No point going in blind without knowing if you really need the adex


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            deleted post because my response was incorrect, I misread some information and I contacted a Dr who corrected me. Sorry for the incorrect response I’ll be more mindful next time I comment
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              Originally posted by TestYourself91 View Post
              I’d get your bloods done, if you have a lower natural test level then go for a higher dose if you have a high natural test level you’ll get away with using a lower dose
              Can you elaborate on this or link me to somewhere that provided you with this information?

              Just to be safe l'm not saying you're wrong, just trying to have a discussion however if your test levels are naturally high - For an example we'll say it's at 35 which from memory is the high point of 'normal' ranges so you'd suggest taking 250mg? Wouldn't you just be suppressing / shut down your naturally high testosterone to put exogenous testosterone in at a low dose which would potentially put you at range of 35-45? Seems like a waste of time, money and you won't get much out of the cycle where most people get the most out of their first 500mg test cycle.


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                Thank you for all the advice guys!

                I just made an order on austeroids. However I got an email back saying it was unsuccesfull although I payed the bitcoin.

                Im sure theres been an error and Mark and his team will be kind enough to help.


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                  500mg is perfect for first cycle mate.

                  i would get bloods checked before cycle and also during cycle. Dex isnt a absolute must for this cycle but is definately smart to keep it on hand.

                  all suppliers are great. The dodgies have been weeded out.


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                    Originally posted by Gold pharma View Post
                    500mg is perfect for first cycle mate.

                    i would get bloods checked before cycle and also during cycle. Dex isnt a absolute must for this cycle but is definately smart to keep it on hand.

                    all suppliers are great. The dodgies have been weeded out.
                    Thanks mate! Yea ill keep Dex on hand dont want to take any risks.

                    My payment to Austeroids was finally confirmed. I cant wait to finally start!


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                      Been using austeroids and on my 4th order but have read that the quantum they sell is not genuine, have only so far purchased the pharma pct meds from there but none of their vials or orals.. Can anyone give feedback maybe the thread starter now has an update curious to know first hand feedback


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                        Quantum is roidstop what r u going on about

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                      Some handy info.

                      You could pin once a week but I highly recommend pinning twice a week, Monday's and Thursdays work well. You will have a more stable blood profile then.

                      AI = Aromatise Inhibitor. Males primarily create Estrogen via Testosterone converting to Estrogen (E2). As a male, you only need a certain amount of estrogen, too little you will have problems and too much again problems. To keep your E2 in range we use an AI.

                      HCG = Human chorionic gonadotropin. When you introduce synthetic testosterone to your body, your natural production becomes heavily suppressed or stopped. To keep your balls from shrinking, we run HCG to mimic some hormones in your body to inflate your balls and keep natural production going. Essentially HCG is insurance for your balls and gives you a very high chance of a successful PCT.

                      Cycle could look something like this:

                      Monday + Thursday, Testosterone pins @ 250mg for 12 weeks.

                      Monday + Thursday, HCG pins @ 250iu stopping 3 days prior to PCT commencement

                      AI, Arimidex 0.25mg or Aromasin 12.5mg EOD, Starting from week 3. Ideally you want your estrogen on the higher end of the normal range. Bloods are the only way to tell where your E2 is at, get bloods done week 6, once you know adjust your dosage accordingly.

                      Also can prevent gyno, Letro, Nolva or Raloxifene in-case you get gyno and need to reverse/control it.

                      PCT, two weeks after

                      Clomid @ 75/50/50/50 & Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20

                      Make sure you use pharma brand's for your PCT supplies. Use both Nolva and Clomid, don't listen to other people when they say you don't need both. First cycle you want to maximise your chances for a successful PCT.

                      Liver Protection: Liver complex from Bulk Nutrients

                      Fish oil: 6 grams a day for cholesterol

                      Daily Multivitamin, Vitamin E and C

                      Add whatever else you like supplement wise


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                        Yes sorry sticky fingers got mied up