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  • [EvilCorp] Reviews Thread

    Hey Guys, if you can leave your reviews and bloods here it would be appreciated
    Please check our thread HERE for all the latest deals and news.

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    I ordered and received 4 bottles of Test E 250 from Mr Evil and his crew.
    the order process was quick and easy (like the other labs) and the package was delivered very quickly.
    on inspection- clear/slightly yellow oil in very good vials. The labels are fantastic and add that bit of personal touch rather than mass produced look.
    the oil was easy to draw using a blue tip needle and was easy to inject. No PIP noted.
    i will run 750mg per week test e only for 4 weeks
    current weight 101kg
    current bench 140kg for 3 reps.
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      Order afew vials of test E through wickr was Quick and easy and receive my goods within afew days. Good stuff Evlcorp.


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        Have ordered twice from EVLCorp and both times were flawless. Currently on their test deca blend and the deca is starting to hit. Bout 4/5 weeks in and strength is starting to shoot through the roof, energy in the gym is amazing and there are some other traits that have gone up aswell ( lets just say the missus is happy with the product EVLCorp . Bloods will be coming up soon and ill get them posted when i recieve.


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          Been a while since my last post but been lurking none the less. Grabbed some test e 250 out of curiosity regarding the mig840 carrier. Just pinned a ml. Smooth enough and a bit thinner than MCT. Service and comms were to be as expected. Can’t complain so I’m not gonna🙂
          Always on a comeback😆


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          I've used there Winnie caps, deca 400 and tne.
          all products were smooth and easy to pin with zero pip.
          tne gave me some explosive strength and great focus used as a pre.
          winnie caps , didn't notice a lot from but orals for some reason don't work that well wit me, though it did get me a little dryer and ****ed my joints.
          currently running there deca 400, strength is thru the roof , muscles are fuller , joints are the best they've ever been, old injuries no longer bother me.
          overall their service, Comms and products are all 10/10.
          buft the most important aspect , they are fkn nice blokes.
          as long as their in business they will always be my go to .


          • ghfhfdd
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            Which week you on with the deca bro?
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          • Jd81
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            Week 6.
            My training and diet are back on track and strength is stupid crazy ATM.
            I'm getting bloods next Wednesday to make sure all is good.
            I'll update my blog mid next week

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          Communication and delivery is on par with most sponsors on this forum. Package sent with tracking number. Been their sus 375mg for a week and I'm up 3kg already. Will be my go to guys from now.


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            Was meant to leave this review the other night. But can not thank these guys enough. My parcel never arrived and Evil offered a discount on the next purchase (which I was happy about as I never expected a reship, as we all know the risks); but he also did one better and offered me some vials from his personal collection. I'll update once they're received and how the cycle is going, but don't hesitate to buy from these guys. It's my 7th purchase and have never been happier. Communication is always perfect and quick and the gear quality is excellent - what more could anyone want.


            • EVLCorp
              EVLCorp commented
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              Just a side note on this one, Auspost marked it as delivered, a few suburbs away.

              It's unknown what happened, but the delivered location didn't match the destination address

              No other orders to anywhere near the location so we're going with an Aus post screw up.

              We will always reship if it's not delivered, however it's on a case by case when it states delivered

            • Yaz12
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              That's correct - definitely an Aus Post screw up as the previous orders have arrived within a day. Still hands down an amazing lab and as EVLCorp has mentioned, they are more than willing to reship if it's not delivered, just depending on the order (which I should have clarified a bit more). Overall, amazing communication through everything, great products and top-round service.

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            Same thing happend with me bro. Mine said it's been delievered to a suburb which is 2surbubs away from me but never received the package was 4vials lost 2x Deca 1 x test e 1 x sus. But I didn't bother messaging Evl about it because I knew it's not his fault. It's an auspost **** up and I made the decision to buy from Evl.
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            • EVLCorp
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              Hey mate send us a message on wickr and let's see what can be done

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            So 4 weeks into evl’s yellow top hgh and got tested. I’m running 4iu ed at night as I couldn’t stay awake lol. Here is the IGF1 results.
            Everyone would be successful if it was easy!


            • mrvic
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              Im looking for some gh whats the yellow tops cost for 100iu
              They seem to be gtg

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            Originally posted by White Lightening View Post
            So 4 weeks into evl’s yellow top hgh and got tested. I’m running 4iu ed at night as I couldn’t stay awake lol. Here is the IGF1 results.
            Did u do pre bloods???


            • White Lightening
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              Prior to starting? No. At 40 y/o they wouldn’t have been crash hot

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            Test e 300 no pip @ 1.5ml👍


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              ordered tues night, had my stuff thurs morning....extremely fast and helpful service
              just noticed the review page was refreshed so ill give a fresh review
              ordered adrol, stana, test 300, tren a which were all extremely top quality, some of the best ive used
              and the newly added tren e, eq and mast e - will leave a review in a few for these but i have high hopes
              thnx again evl


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                I am two vials in with Evl’s Primo, currently on 200mg eod with 125mg test e every third pin and 4ius a day of their GH. Since I swapped onto Evls primo I am dryer and fuller, currently on a cal deficit and very happy with their primo results.


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                  Just received the new maste 300, been looking forward to this for ages! Running Evl 600mg maste & 300mg teste P/week.
                  figured I'd grab another trena 100, not planning on using it anytime soon though. Massive thanks to Evl for once again going above and beyond; absolutely next level gear & service.
                  Cheers mate.


                  • Chrs
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                    Awesome 😯😵😋

                  • Kev1996
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                    Hows the Tren A mate ?

                  • Vindex
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                    Kev1996 The Trena was awesome; after testing out that vial, I bought more & went on bit of a trying to be good now👍