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Long awaited review.

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  • Long awaited review.

    Alright so ordered on the 14/09.
    package was split into 4 parcels, two with orals, one with peps and the other with oils.
    3/4 got through so not bad, they resent the same package and it got seized again, so im only short one pack of dbol and kratum, damn i wanted to try kratum.

    this review isnt positive or negative yet it will depend on the quality of the gear.
    but im pretty disappointed on the shipping time, i ordered on the 14/09 and if nothing was seized i would received last package by the 17/10. you'd think they would send the multiple packages at once but no they wait until you get each one to send the next, very fkn frustrating...

    email exchanges were very good and quick.
    last package was seized again on sunday 29/10, so total of 3/5 packs through. not bad.

    despite the fake deca post on here last week i can confirm the npp at least has some npp in it, joints are quite a bit better after two weeks.

    a little worried about under dosed gear from them with the reviews as of late, im using 50mg tren ace eod and not feeling much, i usually do.
    got some krytpo tren on the way just in case.

    can confirm dbol and melanotan is gtg

    usually stick with Krypto but my mate wanted to order from IA and i wanted some unique compounds/blends.

    anyone tried the tren? most important compound for me. maybe just under dosed?

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    have you heard anything on/or tried their anadrol?

    a month shipping time is pretty hefty. Making me consider twice before buying.


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      ^ mine was seized. didnt order any oils either. choose wisely lol


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        True ,far too many seizyres


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          Originally posted by coolndry View Post
          ^ mine was seized. didnt order any oils either. choose wisely lol
          **** me i wish i saw this before i purchased lmfao.


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            been a month since my order has been sitting in customs and has not moved. wont even bother to ask for a reship as I know there isnt any chance of it ever getting through. Plus as i read more and more reviews of IAsuperpharma on other forums the more I realise their gear is absolute ****e. waste waste waste!


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              I havn't used a huge amount of their steroids, but their test and tren worked fine for me and bloods were at expected levels. I use their dnp, trim30, and clen/yohimbe liquid and it's been good. Havn't used shipping though so can't comment on that.