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Introducing new lab Ultimate Anabolics [inactive]

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  • Introducing new lab Ultimate Anabolics [inactive]

    Thread closed as it seems vendor is in-active.

    If they make contact again, their thread will be reinstated.

    Dear members of Buy-Steroids,
    I am the main Rep for and Introducing today Ultimate Anabolics. A new Australian Source.
    Our goal is to provide a premium product at a not so premium price.

    All oils are in stock in plentiful supply and are mixtures of the hormone, MCT Oil, Benzyl Alcohol (2%) Benzyl Benzoate (18%) which is then filtered TWICE through a 0.22 micron filter.


    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml
    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml
    Sustanon 250 250mg/ml
    Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml
    Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml
    Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg/ml
    Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) 200mg/ml

    INTRO PRICING: We will be running a intro sale from now until Friday the 31st midnight at $60 vial, Then if things go well we may extend the sale. After the sale prices we will then Retail at $85 a vial for basics, $90 a vial for exotics(Tren).

    All orders are shipped Express via Australia post daily, $10 flat fee
    Tracking will not be given for opsec reasons and only on a case by case basis
    if there is a specific requirement or in the case of a lost package.

    Payment is available through Bitcoin ONLY.
    No minimum order for now.
    Please place orders like shown below via wickr, we will reply within 24 hours (usually a lot less) with a bitcoin amount and address.


    (John Blue
    31 White Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000)

    Testosterone Enanthate x 2
    Testosterone Propionate x 1
    Trenbolone Acetate x 2
    First Name Last Name
    Number, Street name,
    Suburb, State, Postcode

    WICKR: securegains

    Thanks and we hope to become a valued sponsor on this forum and supply the community of Buy-Steroids with the best service we can and quality products at a reasonable price.
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    Welcome mate. Pics of products?


    • SecureGains
      SecureGains commented
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      Will get some pics shortly and post them in this thread.

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    Welcome with best wishes.


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      Welcome all the ........the greater the competition the more benefit to us the publuc


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        Might have to bite the bullet and order first


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          Sounds good

          carrier oil MCT or GSO?


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            Originally posted by Thappy View Post
            Sounds good

            carrier oil MCT or GSO?
            Hi Thappy,
            Yes all our products are made with MCT oil


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              BUMP -- We've decided to do $60 a vial until Friday at midnight, Then from Friday we will up the price just a tad and keep slowly adjusting as time goes until we reach retail price, And we encourage anyone who tries our products to write their honest thoughts about us service wise and product wise, And if they can provide bloods for the rest of the community to see we will appreciate it and for the people who do we will be offering discounts and every now and then freebies.

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                Looks good I'm keen to try


                • SecureGains
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                  Hi John,
                  Contact us on Wickr at securegains and we can sort something out


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                Any pictures and more info about yourself/the lab?


                • SecureGains
                  SecureGains commented
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                  We will have pictures up in this thread within the next 24 hours, Most the information about the lab is above in the introduction what is used to make the products e.c.t freshly launched so not much else - Will be releasing orals and possibly peptides/sarms in the coming month or so.

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                have just made an order for 1x tren a as a test order.
                Will keep everyone updated, communication has been good, and his btc exchange rate is on point ($72 after all exchanges from coinjar....unlike some vendors who add a sneaky ~10% surcharge on it)
                I will also be pinning straight away as i have just started a test e cycle 2 weeks ago, have quite a fair bit of experience with self brewed tren so will have good judgement on dosing.


                • Souljah2016
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                  Keen to see how you go coz, keep us updated

                • BigKos
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                  Have you heard anything back from them?

                • vizz13
                  vizz13 commented
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                  hey mate yes they said order went out today, will find out tomorrow, but its been storming here so not sure if postage deliveries are going ahead tomorrow

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                Welcome to the forum. We are really starting to get spoiled for choice here.
                Always on a comeback­čść


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                  Tempting toget my first cycle through you guys for that price, but I think I'll wait and go through another vendor until a rep is built.

                  Welcome to the forum btw!


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                    Cheap gear hopefully cones through


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                      Pics coming soon?