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  • update for my dnp cycle.

    5 days at 200mg
    5 days at 400mg
    7 days off

    now at day 3 of 14 days at 400mg.

    absolutely loving dnp. no sides apart from sweaty nights. losing weight in places id normally struggle. truely an amazing product

    both lucifer and warmachine have been beyond great, checking in on me to see how im doing. helping with tweaks on my diet etc. i highly recommend these guys if you havent already used the beast master products.

    super anxious to begin my cycle.. all in good time and will follow up with updates on
    test e
    tren a
    inject anadrol.



    • The Satans blood combo, would this be milder on the liver than tabs/capsules or no difference?


      • Lorenzo
        Lorenzo commented
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        No difference mate its still oral

        I been using few days now its pretty potent stuff

      • bbjlifter
        bbjlifter commented
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        Yeah I know it's still oral I thought maybe the liver doesn't have to work as hard being a liquid?

        What do you think of it so far Lorenzo I'm keen to try it out I think are you having it pre workout?

    • bbjlifter Anything oral/liquid oral makes the liver work hard
      Either way still the same
      Unfortunately lol or i would be having massive doses

      Some people reckon letting the liquid oral absorb under your tounge for 30 seconds will make it work faster

      I have 1ml 30 mins pre workout its amazing stuff i am loving it
      You can feel a surge of energy come on strong

      Pumps and determination to destroy every weight in gym

      If you didnt want to use pre train 1/2ml twice a day would be perfect
      Last edited by Lorenzo; 09-16-2017, 09:06 AM.


      • Lifter2008
        Lifter2008 commented
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        Taking it stand alone?

      • Lorenzo
        Lorenzo commented
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        No mate not stand alone along with cycle

        You would atleast need to run a base of test along with it
        And be ontop of e levels
        Dbol ia a ***** for gyno

    • Originally posted by billybeastmaster View Post
      HI my name is Billy and i am a powerlifter. I am now offering a steroid supply service within Australia. Please fell free to contact me, i am offering free samples to prove my worth within the competitive market and i am willing to work with other dealers. Best Wishes Billy.
      Hi my name is jumbo n iam looking at purchasing some steroids supply's mainly oils can you send me some info on your products?


      • Once again, another vouch for the man himself. Test levels at 250mg came back exactly as expected and a ta debit higher. It's always good to know the that every product sold by Beastmaster is accurately dosed. If anyone is still skeptical, try it for yourself! It's the best I've had in a long time


        • Satans blood


          • I got some Satans blood (love the name) from beastmaster. Great bloke who really looked after me. Pleasure to deal with. Arrived quickly. Looks like some potent stuff, can't wait to try it out!

            Thanks again mate πŸ‘πŸΌ


            • super test 'satins sin' along with 100 dnp arrived inside 24hrs. and ofcourse a goodie bag of t4/nolva added in as a gift. the beast said he wanted to add this in to help me with my current goals.

              the beast and war machine really cannot be faulted. great products. great delivery speeds. always respond. and what i really love is that they go that extra mile to help out the customer and always check in.

              10/10 as always


              • Beastmaster's Satan's Blood is the most ridiculous performance enhancer I have ever taken. Gone from 40mins strength and condioning circuits... to not wanting to leave the gym for 2 hours. Stamina is through the roof. Beastmaster's customer service is superb with great knowledge and advice.


                • LP92
                  LP92 commented
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                  What's the satans blood a blend of?

                • Lorenzo
                  Lorenzo commented
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                  30ml vial 50mg/ml
                  25mg dbol / 25mg anadrol

              • 4 weeks back on after injury. Sus npp superdrol. Up 13kg. Never been over the 100kg mark before without gh and slin. Top notch gear. No pip. Absolutely loving it. Cheers beastmaster


                • I would love some more information on Satans blood 30ml vial 50mg/ml , 25mg dbol / 25mg anadrol. I have never used the two together, what added benefits does it have when used together as a blend?
                  How to use it best? 1ml before training / or 0.5ml twice daily on non training days? 4 weeks max?
                  How hard is it on your liver?

                  DNP + BEAST SUPER SHREDDER SUSPENSION 50MG/ML 30ML 25MG WINSTROL 25MG ANAVAR. Any one tried this?


                  • Lorenzo
                    Lorenzo commented
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                    I been usuing satans blood
                    1ml per day 30 mins pre train
                    Strenght and pumps and focus great mental feeling

                    I usually run dbol solo between 50-100mg
                    And anadrol at 100mg

                    I tried 2ml satans blood was to much for me
                    Felt like a serial killer

                    Harsh on liver like any other oral
                    4- 6 weeka max

                    Ive had problems im loving this blend

                    I got shredder in the mail ill keep it udpated 😁

                • Beasts dbol/test p is crazy second day on 1ml and iv got skin spliting pumps and dont want to leave the gym verry happy and zero pip its ****ing amazing well done beast


                  • Just ordered x5 test prop from beastmaster and will be ordering x5 satans shred soon. Customer service is top notch. Easy payment options. Will leave a review on the gear once I am done.

                    Cheers, gearboss


                    • Beastmaster porn

                      Thanks again for another perfect transaction
                      Excellent service and quick delivery

                      Beast ran out of labels i was impatient i know what they are πŸ‘

                      Its whats inside that makes my dick hard

                      Ill be leaving some reviews

                      Exterminator 175mg
                      Sus 300
                      Tren blend

                      Above and beyond as always
                      Threw in a free free bottle of satans shred for my wife


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