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Imported dnp review

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  • Imported dnp review

    Any reviews of the imported dnp? Managed to get some but yet to try.. Cheers

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    I've not used it, but am experienced with DNP, but i have never had what i would call 'bad' DNP. Roidstop has a good rep, so you should be in good hands. If you are unsure if it is dosed correctly, you can open the capsule and empty the contents on a digital scale and weigh it. Be careful not to get it on your skin or in your eyes and wear gloves etc. Please make sure you know how to use it, and know the risks before starting. IF YOU ARENT 100 PERCENT SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DO NOT TAKE IT!
    Different types of DNP act differently, so be aware that some are slower to take effect than others. General rule is if you don't feel it working, keep the dose the same for 3 days and see if you start to feel it before upping your dose. Crystal DNP works much faster than powdered DNP.


    • Strongasf
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      I can’t contribute to this post as I’ve never used it, but everything on roidstop is tested before it’s sold publicly.

      Wearing gloves to handle a substance that you ingest just outright scares the **** out me lol

    • Hertderg
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      It's an industrial dye that absorbs into the skin. Haha

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    Im running 2 caps aday at the moment not feeling much at all


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    2. Using what was left to try again , not feeling much means not feeling anything really , i have put on weight


    • Deathshead
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      At the end of the day diet is what determines how successful your weight loss will be. Calories in needs to be less than calories out. Sure dnp or any fat burner will help but if
      U are a fat **** eating **** all the time then of course u will gain weight

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    Im trying to find somwhere that can test it for me to see what is actually in these caps


    • nicholasg
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      Use a lighter and light them on fire

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    Mines just fine, definitely dnp.


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      Yes, this is what everyone else has said hahaha

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    Symbion1 have u lost any weight?


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      Have tried myself
      They’re good to go. Stick with 2 caps and you’ll definitely feel the heat after 3-4 days
      happy with it


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        I've given it a go, but didn't have any results like some others have mentioned. I've had DNP from other sources in the past and was dying on 400mg but felt nothing with the imported dnp at 750mg daily. I did the old flammable test and was rewarded with a nice little ball of fire, but noticed no effects whens ingested.


        • peachy16
          peachy16 commented
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          Interesting.. I guess we all react differently
          I have had 2 carb heavy days and really felt the heat.. if I keep the carbs low I have low sides (other than night sweats) and good results from them

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        How much weight have you lost?