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  • Injectables from Superbolic

    Just wondering who has had experience with purchasing injectables from Superbolic .

    My first order from superbolic i recieved the actual ampoules themselves which is great but my second order the oils have been removed from the Ampoules and put into a differnt container ( wont mention for stealth shipping reasosn ).
    I have some concerns with sterility of the product now its been removed from its sterile container .

    Terms and conditions and FAQ on the website says "Injectables will always be repackaged into NON-sterile containers." ( Surely thats not what the actual Oil is in ???)

    How has anyone gone with this ? Anyone had any problems / Thoughts ?

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    Yep gad a mate use the oil he had rashes and swelling big time. Oils are fine as long as you refilter them, I can't be bothered with that so don't use their oils.


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      used a number of times with no problems,actually found their oils excellent,certainally had no probs reguarding sterlity,very little pip.


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        I wouldn't be to worried as it dosnt mean the container is dirty just that its hasn't been done to a standard or certified practice. I've used gear with what looked like material fibers in it with no issues. All the gear from underground labs could be classed as non sterile as they are not licensed to produce gear and have not met standards.
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