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Has anyone tried UPL’s Tren-Ace?

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  • Has anyone tried UPL’s Tren-Ace?

    Hey, was just wondering if anyone had tried UPLs Tren ace and what they think of it. Cheers.

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    It's definitely decent. Used it in the past up to 150mg/day, but isn't the strongest I've had in the past.


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      whats the strongest youve had?

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    Thanks mate.


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      Started my current cycle with UPLS tren ace at 50mg everyday, was dropping fat and gaining muscle like crazy right at the beginning also sweating like a pig in the gym with almost instant strength gains, after a while that crazy effect tapered down even though the dose didn't so definitely was my body to blame and not the gear, moved on to MusclePharmas tren and continued receiving same results.... now im currently on my last few bottles of alphabeasts which im fcking wrapped for having received right before the bust.
      Comparison wise, i received the best results right at the beginning which was UPL's stuff, but thats not to say its dosed any differently to Musclepharmas or alphabeasts could have just been my body + diet at the time.
      I definitely recommend, they're a sponsor for a reason.


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        Used it last year and it was definitely legit.
        All sides were there and got results.