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  • Estrogen spike

    I'm at tge end of 16 week cycle only teste and decca 600mg test 400mg decca have had bloods done mide way everything looked good had no issues with estrogen conversion so didn't run Ai now I'm on cruse 150mg week for last two weeks and in this time my face is breaking out pimples acne so bad only one side of face so got more bloods done my estrogen has spiked up to 230 so I'm thinking that's tge course of this break out should i start an AI please help doctors haven't help just give me antibiotics to heal the wounds they know of my use to thanks 🙏 peeps

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    buy some aromasin man, use that 12.5mg 2x week works for me. You are obviously going to be different however. Your hormones will balance out, give it time


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      PCTguy is your goto man. He got Extremestane for you.


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        Always happens when you drop DECA bro. Your skin will clear when your body realises your not changing anything. 230 is completely fine. Just be patient.

        if its face acne though bro might be worth coming off or staying on Cruz and get on roaccutane bro. It will keep you clear for years. Food for thought.
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          Cheers people appreciate it i am on cruise now 125mg week also should i run airmdex till i level out??