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  • Acne & Bloodwork

    Got a question regarding acne on cycle/coming off cycle

    I've recently started using PED's again after about a 2 year break when i used to use i always had troubles with what i imagine is my estrogen seeing as i had ance all over my back and shoulders and since i wasn't experiencing any Gyno effects i never bothered with Nolva, Arimdex etc.

    This cycle i just completed i used 750 mg test e with 50mg anadrol (first 4 weeks) and the Anadrol was giving me sore nipples so naturally i used 1mg of Arimdex to combat these sides which took away my side effects.

    Without accurate blood work is there a way to figure out what was going on here i saw a video by Tony Huge that Arimdex can crash E2 which can also cause acne?

    Could be a stupid question but looking for some more information or articles I've had a look around the forum and google cant seem to find anything most guys just say to manage estrogen on cycle.

    Now that I'm also back using again i will admit I've never used blood work along with my cycles and honestly haven't a clue to ask for one do i ask for a certain panel or just ask to get my estrogen/testosterone looked at? I don't have a specific doctor either does that effect things?

    Any help appreciated


    Actually found some information so please disregard this post not sure how to delete
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    I've actually found some information in the stickies which are a great read


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      your bloodwork may give indication to some imbalance but those readings arent exactly diagnostic for acne.

      acne, hair loss etc its all genetic and caused by many contributing factors

      testosterone for example is highly androgenic and estrogenic after things like 5ar and aromatase occur.

      nizoral ketoconazole shampoo/lotion can help prevent androgenic acne.

      also as an advice, if the acne is caused by androgens taking an AI will actually make it worse not better.

      anadrol does not convert to estrogen, the tits and water are due to different pathways, so taking arimidex for anadrol is not the best option though you may have needed it for the 750mg of test.


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        As a side note, antibacterial soap can go a long way to helping with acne, straight after your gym session. Seems simple, and stupid, but a lot of guys miss it.


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          When using soaps, anti-bac topical preparations, it's important to remember that to break down a bacteria's cell wall requires time ("contact time"). So, when using a soap, etc, lather it up and let it sit for a good 5 minutes before washing off. This also goes for Nizoral preparations. Another good option for acne is bleach baths. Add 1/2 cup 5% bleach (household bleach) to a decent amount of water, and soak for 10 mins 2-3x/week. Bleach can be pretty drying on the skin, so add a few caps-full of Alpha Kerri Oil to the bath as well. After the bath, rinse off in the shower and use a CLEAN towel. You should also wash all your bedsheets and towels, adding Canesten rinse (available from the supermarket) to ensure you're not cross-contaminating. Another issue is the gym itself. Make sure you use a towel, and that benches are wiped down. Staph loves the gym! As Hertderg said - shower after your workout, and again, use a fresh towel.
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          Good to know boys appreciate some info will try the soaps and invest in some more towels


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            Just comes with the androgenic side effects my friend.