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  • Dallas Mccarver autopsy

    Dallas McCarver life

    Dallas was born in 1991, in a small rural Tennessee town, and this led to his nickname "Big Country". He was an excellent football player in school, and also a weightlifter. After high school, he started to focus on just bodybuilding and would go on to win his pro card at just 21 years old, winning 3 out of 5 IFBB contests. Even at his young age, he managed to place 8th at the Mr. Olympia last year and his future looked very promising. Many analysts projected him to be a top 3 Olympia finalist during his 30's.

    Unfortunately, he would not make it past 26 years old.

    His last words to girlfriend Dana Brooke was "I love you. Goodbye". She would report that Dallas was fine earlier in the day, and even had a workout, and was planning a quiet evening at home cooking dinner.

    That dinner would be his last.

    On August 22, 2017, Dallas was found unconscious during the night by a friend at his home. He was quickly rushed to the hospital where he would be pronounced dead. The initial reports blamed choking on food as his death. Three months later the autopsy would be revealed, and it had some interesting findings, which had nothing to do with choking, and everything to do with his heart health and more.

    Anthony Roberts broke the autopsy findings and you can read the full report here:

    Autopsy Findings

    Let's take a look at the results and then analyze what happened and hopefully learn from his mistakes.

    Cause of death: Severe Concentric left ventricular hypertrophy with coronary artery atherosclerosis

    This means that the muscle wall on the left chamber of his heart thickened, which likely resulted in an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) - this would have led to cardiac arrest. So a blockage could have occurred causing a heart attack.

    The autopsy findings showed 6 things of note:

    1. Severe cardiomegaly 833g heart with concentric left ventricular hypertrophy: A normal human at his age would have a heart of about 300g, so his was almost 3X normal size! Rich Piana, by comparison, had a heart of 670g and was 20 years older. This fact should scare the crap out of anyone in their 20's who wants to copy this sort of lifestyle.

    2. Coronary artery atherosclerosis (severe in left anterior descending; moderate in right side): They did say he had a family history of high cholesterol, but this would also be caused by insane drug use and poor diet of too much meat and not enough omega 3's. It is extremely rare for someone his age to have this issue, and it was a combination of things causing it. This condition also shows he had damaged arteries in his kidney's.

    The 4 other things the autopsy found were:

    3. Heavy lungs (617g right; 619g left) without hyperinflation or mucus plugging: Being a big guy this is probably normal.

    4. Hepatomegaly (4593g liver), large liver.

    5. Minimal nephrosclerosis, and hypertrophy of kidneys (456g right; 503g left): Again, he was big so bigger organs are somewhat normal. However, it's definitely not healthy!

    6. Papillary thyroid carcinoma (non-contributory): Although this didn't cause his death, this is something very scary for a 26-year-old to have, and he may not have known he had it. Abuse of growth hormone could have easily caused this cancer to grow quicker. Many of us may have cancer in our body and not even know it, this is why checkups are important.

    Toxicology report: Unlike Rich Piana, they did have this report.


    Dallas had caffeine in his system, which isn't uncommon. But it in this case with already an enlarged heart stimulant use will increase the chance of problems, and caffeine has minimal benefits to bodybuilding (even counter productive in many ways), so he should have eliminated it from his diet to help his heart health.

    Too many people abuse stimulants, I always see 20somethings walking out of the gas station with 2 or 3 energy drinks in their hands. Most pre-workouts are chalk full of stimulants.


    Dallas tested positive for weed. In my opinion, recreational drugs have no place in bodybuilding, and like caffeine has absolutely zero benefits to fitness or health.

    THC Marijuana

    Other recreational drugs: None

    Alcohol: None

    Steroids: The autopsy noted that "Chronic use of exogenous steroid and non-steroid hormones" were contributing conditions.


    Of all the main anabolic steroids, trenbolone is the most potent and harsh on the system. Bostin Lloyd has admitted on an podcast that he takes as much tren as will fit in a syringe. If this is what all the younger guys are doing, I have little doubt Dallas was using +1g (1000mgs+) of Tren a week. You can read more about tren here:

    Trenbolone Metabolite

    In my own experience trenbolone has sent my cholesterol up 20-30 points and my blood pressure sky high. Abusing tren will cause major heart issues. There is no doubt in my mind that Dallas failed to pay any attention to the red flags of how trenbolone obliterated his blood work, abusing it non stop without breaks. If you have heart issues then you have no business using tren, fix your heart health first! Dallas should have taken a long break from steroids to give his heart a break.


    Dallas had testosterone levels of 550 ng/ml. This translates to 5500 ng/dl, which is what we are used to when we do blood work. This means he was using about a gram or more of testosterone a week, which was likely just his cruise dose. Abusing testosterone will cause androgenic and estrogenic side effects, which will strain the heart. Also, stacking that much testosterone with trenbolone is a recipe for disaster. It is a myth that stacking steroids reduces side effects, the more steroids you use the more side effects will occur. Stacking androgenic steroids together is a recipe for extreme heart strain.

    Testosterone level


    This entire thing could have easily been prevented. Dallas abused stimulants and steroids, and nobody can deny that because we have proof in this autopsy. It was a combination of his sheer size and lifestyle which killed him at just 26. Very sad day for us.

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    As i have said many times on many forums... High blood pressure and high cholesterol at the same time is a recipe for disaster, this is proof.

    Conclusion is you are wrong... especially with the abuse of stimulants. there was no rec drugs involved apart from mary jane and cant even really call that a drug.

    If you wrote this, learn how to read bloods etc..

    If you cut and paste it, your source is very average or hiding the truth which they should not be as cholesterol and blood pressure can be controlled quite easily. If they couldnt there would be a lot more people dead


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      I agree with thappy, he was probably using weed to get to sleep from the Tren, who can blame him. Weed is hardly a class A like MDMA or Cocaine etc. I smoke weed regularly to chill out from the hardcore session I put my body and mind through, if anything it helps me recover and smash it out the for the next session.


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        The author of the autopsy report was clearly the doctor who performed the autopsy.

        The report states he died from heart failure due to cardio myopathy (enlarged heart) and high level of arterial plaque.

        It then goes on to state steroids were a contributing factor.

        Marijuana was found to be present in his system but was not mentioned as contributing to his death


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          I don't think that Nick you can comment when a couple of months ago you were running like 4grams of gear a week at what like 60yrs old was it? Complaing about the active ingredient wasn't strong enough.


          • Nick
            Nick commented
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            You dont appear to have understood that post.
            The gear I was taking was unabashed bunk.
            How that disqualifies me from commenting on DM's bad health you havent stipulated.

            Im 58 and a recent heart ultrasound showed my heart to be in perfect shape. Bloods taken 6 months ago showed everything within normal limits.

            Dallas was 26 and the autopsy showed he was in terrible shape.

            By what quirk of fatuous logic do you suppose I cant comment on DM?

            If you really want to burrow down the rabbit hole and apply a bit of common sense I am uniquely qualified to comment.

          • Nick
            Nick commented
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            Mick and Gio:

            Your comments are underscored and invalidated by the fact that the juice in question was chronically underdosed.

            Until the quantity of active ingredient is established by spectrometry tests nobody can say what a dangerous dose is. Its a logical impossibility.

            Its interesting that you co join your opinions rather rather than being brave enough to offer a singular one and cop the flack alone - a safety in numbers kind of thing and always a sign of lack of confidence in your opinions

            Lastly Im chuffed that you went to the trouble to research me. Obviously Im inside your head in a way that you'll never be in mine.

          • Gio
            Gio commented
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            Nick yeah nice.. yeah.. but did you ever get blood work done ? Just curious

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          Check out Thomas Conner md on YouTube. He used to write articles for md back in the day. He has some interesting videos on Dallas autopsy and general health as it relates to gear use, he seems to genuinely care about his patients health it seems


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            Originally posted by Tokedawg View Post
            Check out Thomas Conner md on YouTube. He used to write articles for md back in the day. He has some interesting videos on Dallas autopsy and general health as it relates to gear use, he seems to genuinely care about his patients health it seems
            yep great video, the dude seems knowledgeable


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              so did Dallas really have a testosterone level equivalent to 55 healthy 19 year old males who just got a surge in testosterone like in the morning?

              whats everyones take on this, i think thats fkd. how many mgs of test would that be? maybe some was picked up from deca or tren or whateva but still thats fkd


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                I think me getting bloods has been superseded by the large number of recent claims of underdosed product.

                Btw I have been on a cycle of the same product from Alpha Beast and Kryptonite labs and am doing superbly.


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                  What you just don’t get bloods? Why did you refuse to supply bloods and the lab you are talking about underdosed is not the one you were claiming to have less active ingredient in future mate get bloods before making claims like that if not your theories aren’t worth ****
                  Im using that lab you were trashing with great results mate so obviously your e2 training and diet wasn’t in check


                  • Nick
                    Nick commented
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                    My diet and training are outstanding. The entire premise of your position is defeated by the fact that the new product has given me a fantastic result without me changing said diet and training.

                    A source trashes itself by selling dud gear. Your logic is back the front. Look at recent threads especially " Alpha Beast the good the bad the etc" Many bad reviews of all the suppliers. Your opinion appears to be singular.

                    If a mechanic fixes your car and it immediately breaks down, do you need an Racv report to tell you its broken?
                    Same logic applies to your miscontrued argument about bloods.

                    Editing a comment
                    Think you are referring to a beast master thread mate. The good the bad ugly. Different operation to AlphaBeast.

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                  Alpha - my apologies


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                    550ng/ml actually equates to 55,000ng/dl. So Dallas wasn't on 1 gram of Testosterone a week - he was on 10 grams of it. He was also using 3g of Tren a week alone. Absolutely insane dosages, he had a death wish.


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                      how do you know about the tren?

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                    whats average nmol for test e 500mg 120-150nmol depending on peaks and troughs? so roughly 2g of test. Thats a lot for you and I but not huge for a pro and 1g of tren is relatively low for a pro dose. He would have abused much higher doses with 20-30iu hgh. This is another thing that sets the upper echelon apart, their body's ability to sustain such abuse for long periods of time.

                    So please remember to get your bloods checked on a regular basis fellas. Stay safe!
                    Please visit to order from one of Australia's most reputable AAS supplier!


                    • Nick
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                      Good point.

                      However if you look at the Dead Bodybuilders post I made, almost all bodybuilders that die prematurely do so from heart attacks.

                      A heart ultrasound from a cardiologist would tease out any anomalies.

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                      Nick absolutely mate, no denying the effect AAS has on the heart and other major organs.

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                    Originally posted by Grimaaro View Post
                    550ng/ml actually equates to 55,000ng/dl. So Dallas wasn't on 1 gram of Testosterone a week - he was on 10 grams of it. He was also using 3g of Tren a week alone. Absolutely insane dosages, he had a death wish.
                    I was just thinking this same thing! Absolute madness. But this just goes to show in some cases exactly what is taking place in the sport. The reality is, the bigger dudes who are using moderate doses are outliers and it is common for many pros to use in excess of 4-5 grams weekly. In Dallas' case, much, much more.
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