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  • Pricked by pin

    Hello guys, I was injecting my brother and after all was well, I was disposing of the needle.

    I know this sounds like a bad idea but we have been discarding our needles in the same sharps container, now I don’t know who’s needle it was but it didn’t have the protective cover as I was putting the needle inside one of the needles poked out of the bottom of the container and pricked me in the stomach.

    I straight away rubbed an alcohol wipe there, I don’t feel any pain or anything but what are precautionary measures to take in an instance like this if any? Should I get bloods done? Should I take anti biopics?

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    If tht bin was used by only yourself and ur brother and if urbrother hasnt got any diseases like hep or hiv then ur fine bro dont stress about it


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      put the caps back on the pins dude before you discard it into the container


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        Yeah bro, what Poseidon said.. stop stressing. You will be fine


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          Great thanks for that guys, I was just over thinking, yeah Phelpsy I always do, one of my brothers must of left it uncapped which is really annoying.

          Lesson learnt never share containers.

          Really appreciate the help boys!


          • monkeyballs1234
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            How many brothers are using the same sharps container?. I know what santa should have brought ya

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          As other's have said, make sure your brother has no disease's / conditions / immunological issues and keep an eye on the poke site for infections.


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            Not like you got hit by a bullet that had passed though 2 dirty street thugs. But not a bad story never the less. As long as you brother isnt too much of a man whore im pretty sure life will continue as per normal.
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            • NTRJ
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              Infection control wise, the bullet would have been safer due to the heat and shape of the bullet lol.

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            Hahaha, you guys crack me up.

            NTRJ Thanks for the help man appreciate it, will check on it so far everything is good no redness or sign of infection.

   Haha I think a bullet would of been better haha, all that overthinking got me thinking 😉, haha the story of a lifetime!

            monkeyballs1234 The fat man can’t seem to fit down one hole, I don’t know how much help he will be with getting me that container 😂, needle in a hay stack. In all honesty just 2.