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Started an acne farm on my back 3 days into PCT

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  • Started an acne farm on my back 3 days into PCT

    i'm barely into day 3 of my PCT and noticed a **** load of nice red pimples all over my back, and a couple good ones on my shoulder and chest...

    After some quick research it appears to be fairly common for people during the start of PCT... some say Nolva is the main culprit, while others say it's the Clomid, and also people have suggested it's due to excess cortisol...

    i was wondering if anyone else here has experienced this and if so, anything i can do to help minimise it? fortunately my face is okay and hopefully stays like that, but i'm thinking i should do something to try and stay on top of it...

    my PCT plan is
    Nolva 50/25/25/25
    Clomid 75/50/50/50

    i'm only on day 3 of the first week.

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    Mainly due to your hormones not being balanced, sometimes taking a small dose of aromasin can work.


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      what was your cycle? any hcg?

      i would also suggest some asin, for so many reasons


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        Your hormones levels are unbalanced

        You should try isotretinoin you normally just see your local gp or buy it online various ugl suppliers

        Isotretinoin acts on all four major factors that cause acne: It decreases oil production, reduces the presence of acne bacteria, slows cell turnover within pores thereby reducing clogging and calms inflammation.

        Also try and get some sun rays on the effected areas sometimes burning the acne can prevent it from spreading but remember to be SunSmart

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      i was told asin is **** adex is that much better.. but i want to give asin ago


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        Originally posted by dat111 View Post
        i was told asin is **** adex is that much better.. but i want to give asin ago
        Asin is a second or third generation drug ( I cant remember), the way it works is much smarter and better than adex. That being said, some people can be non-responders to asin but that's the same with every other type of drug.


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          Test E 350mg/week first 8 weeks, 500mg/week last 5 weeks (yes, should have just done 500mg/week from day 1!)
          hCG 600iu/week
          arimidex 0.25mg 5 times a week

          i never considered aromasin during PCT.. thought it was more for during cycle instead of arimidex?

          but yeah i'm thinking unbalanced hormones levels is playing a big part... the acne hasn't gotten any worse so far which is good...

          if anything i think my oestrogen was too LOW, and probably now getting back to normal now i've stopped arimidex and started PCT?
          pre-cycle Testosterone 12.2 nmol/L (6 - 28)
          pre-cycle E2 LCMS 118 pmol/L (40 - 160)

          mid-cycle Testosterone 178 nmol/L (6 - 28)
          mid-cycle E2 LCMS 89 pmol/L (40 - 160)

          if acne doesn't start getting better i'll look into isotretinoin.. but hopefully just fixes itself and leaves no scars or anything behind


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            I get a little acne when ever I come off never while on
            i run 20 mg of accutane a day 3 weeks before I come off and during recovery until it’s clear
            no matter what the bloods say etc
            I find it works very well for me most probably not the healthiest way to treat it but it definitely work
            and sun on the skin each day also helps