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Sciatic nerve pain

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  • Sciatic nerve pain

    Any boys on the forum suffered from this. Anything I can do at home to help it heal quicker.

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    Mate hot wheat bag on whichever arse cheek/lower back the sciatica is running down......find a good physio and strengthen your core with exercise. MRI scan to actually locate the cause....Limit weight exercises that inflame it, spend a lot of time and care sorting this out as it can really throw you out of the gym for a long time. Took me 2 years to fully get back into it. Goodluck.


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      Thanks mate.

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    Ask me mate been one year already of living hell with bulged discs and sciarisc nerve down the leg


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      Agreed don't ignore it .do you have lower back pain as well?find the root cause and try to fix it asap ...I haven't found any improvement it's it's been a year though


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        Slipped disc year and a half ago thinking maybe started from that


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          google piriformis syndrome and go from there. Ive had pins and needles and shooting pain down the back of my legs before. Started doing some trigger point work with a lacrosse ball and dam it hurts but worked very effectively. Be sure to use a HARD trigger point ball, not something squishy like a tennis ball. Pointless. WODlife have them from memory.
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