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Creating the optimal anabolic environment for maximal hypertrophy - PART 3

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  • Creating the optimal anabolic environment for maximal hypertrophy - PART 3

    Hey guys today I will discuss Part 3….The final part of this series “SLEEP AND SUPPLEMENTATION”

    A quick summary of the series… Part 1 was on nutrition and how to set up your caloric intake to fit your specific goals. Part 2 was an overview of programming based on your training age.

    Ok so let’s discuss SLEEP!!!

    How much sleep do you need and why?

    There simply is not a right or wrong answer to this question.. It is specific to the individual. Look more so at the “quality of sleep” rather than the quantity.

    There are 5 stages of sleep. Stages 3, 4 and 5 I will talk about today.

    The “deepest part” of the sleep cycle occurs during stages 3 and 4. If you where to be awoken during these stages you will feel very foggy and drowsy. We have all been there.

    So what occurs during stages 3 and 4 of the sleep cycle?
    The NREM phase of sleep occurs. As stage 3 enters stage 4 your sleep becomes deeper, your breathing slows down and your body becomes at its least mobile state. Dreams and nightmares occur during stages 3 and 4. These stages are critical to the release of growth hormone and the recovery of muscles and tissues. Ever noticed how hungry you get if you miss this stage of sleep??? That is because stages 3 and 4 are responsible for the 3 hormones that control our appetite… Insulin, Cholecystokinin and Leptin. If you miss this stage of sleep your Ghrellin is stimulated and you will have a greater appetite throughout the day.
    During stage 5 REM (Rapid eye movement) occurs. REM on average occurs 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The longer you go into the night the longer the periods of REM occur. Most of your dreams occur in this stage and instead of the focus of attention being on rejuvenation of the body…. This stage focuses on refreshing the brain. Whilst the body is immobile during this stage the brain is very active in preparation for the day ahead. Other functions of REM are the ability to learn, concentrate and coordinate. Another fact is REM is responsible for the production of amino acids.

    How to increase your sleep quality?
    Try to stay in a routine and avoid sleeping through the day. Avoid visual stimulating technology 1 hour before bed, such as your phone…Yes this is a killer. Read a book or listen to some calming music before sleep. Particular medications will negatively affect certain stages of the sleep stages mentioned before. Benzodiazepines and hypnotic medications such as stilnox severely disrupt stage 5 of the sleep cycle. Some other medications/substances that will affect your sleep. SSRI anti-depressants, caffeine, amphetamines, and oral contraceptives just too list a small percentage.

    Supplementation (2 parts)
    This question comes up a lot on the forum. What supplements do I need for optimal performance?

    First let’s break this down into 2 parts

    Supplements are simply another name for a practical alternative to food.
    Now supplements can be very effectively used in sporting performance in particular for those competing in endurance events. Examples are sports gels, sports drinks, high carbohydrate powders and liquid meals supplements (great for those who are nervous before sporting events or have a sensitive GI tract).

    Ergogenic Aids contain nutrients that will provide a work enhancing effect.
    Ergogenic aids in simple terms means improving your performance. A list of ergogenic aids that is backed by the Australian Sporting Commission are as follows…

    -Creatine Monohydrate
    -Iron Supplementation

    The following have clinical scientific support and 100% efficacy.
    I’m not saying other ergogenic aids or supplements don’t work. These are just the ones that have clinical support.


    Exception to the above is if you are medically deficient.

    What do I use Pre-workout?
    Now this question was written on the fly, as PVIP has spilt the beans on my Pre-workout on the forum HAHAHA. I have put together this Pre-workout through plain old trial and error and have a lot of my clients take it. So here it is…

    Pre-workout meal (1 hour before training)
    -High carbohydrate source (currently using freedom cereals)
    -1 gram of pink Himalayan salt shot glassed with 200ml of water.

    Pre-workout drink (30 mins before training)
    -Caffeine anhydrous powder 280-300mg
    -Citrulline malate 10g
    -Beta-alanine 5g

    I have had a few suggestions for a Part 4, which would be a look into advanced bio-mechanics (including execution, tempos, resistance profiles, moment arms (with an example) and momentum. If you would like a fourth installment too this series, show some love and if enough interest is shown. I will put Part 4 together.

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    This is ****ing great information dude. Kudos to you!


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      Great post . 👍🏼


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        No wonder I feel like **** in the morning. Too many sleepers. Cheers man good post.


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          Great write up mate. +1 for part 4


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            Megatron crazyastheycome PVIP WogBoy mk677aus can someone link Part 1 too this thread I can't find it.

            +1 from me for Part 4 badger.


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                Champion, cheers

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              Hrvtska love your posts, always so informative!


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                Thankyou for the kind words as always.

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              Great info, going to try your pre workout ritual.
              And go with part 4 please.


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                Mongols let me know how you find it