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  • Stay awake supps

    What product do you guys use to stay awake at night ? Got my uni and night shifts finding it hard to stay awake

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    Medafinil is uni students preferred cramming drug


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      Pre workout


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        I do shift work on mines, i've been trying a supplement called skywalk as a replacement for redbull 😅(which i think is great by the way, obviously not healthy having 1 a day though)
        there is other mood enhancing/nootropic supplements in the same category. Skywalk appealed most due to the reviews, so far so good still early days though and yet to try it on a night shift.
        i've also used modafinil at 200mg, it was good it's just the cost to continue use. Although if i was to find it at the right price i'd be using that instead.


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          modfinil is the go.
          Being a powerlifter means never having to cut


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            +1 for Modafinil

            I use modalert



            • rathat
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              Same here for Modafinil, use it when feeling like ****.

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            Modafinil is definitely good. If you’re a shift worker you could speak to your gp about it and get it on script. I hate nightshift, hope I never do one again.


            • jdiggity
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              How easy is it to get modafinil on script? I thought you needed a sleep disorder to get it?

            • Trigger
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              Depends on your dr mate, but one of the uses for prescription is shift work sleep disorder, so basically what you describe. I believe dosage is 1-200mg for shift work sleep disorder taken upon waking before shift. Talk to your dr, say you’ve heard of others using modafinil if they don’t suggest it first and go from there.