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arginine at night.

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  • arginine at night.

    Anyone here take Argine at night just before sleep, or trying to sleep? I always take 8mg alone at this time. It's spose to reaease gh taking like this. Anyone else tried it and have any thoughts. I usually take 10mg bcaa when I go for a piss a few hours later as well but am considering changing it up just for a pure whey protein maybe a 20 g hit at when on. I'm actually trying to lean but like the thought of muscles being fed when your asleep and resting.

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    hey bro cant comment on your main question but regarding the protein at night I find 30 grams of casein prior to sleep (i use calcium caseinate from professionalwhey) I think it keeps my metabolism burning all night because I wake up with a flat and tight stomach and feeling very hungry for my first meal of the day. It made a big difference to how i felt prior.

    drinking casein throughout the day too doesnt give me any bloat like a standard WPC would, ive never tried WPI.


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      I like MAX's Casein (Anabolic night), only cause it has an extra other couple things in there to "help" with sleep, but apart from that, I'm sure there's cheaper alternative casein products out there, as Phelpsy mentioned. I also agree with taking Casein during the day, slow release honestly can't hurt at all, slow and steady wins the race! Enjoy


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        Maxs anabolic night is the goods. 2 scoops 500ml water in the nutri bullet, good whack of protein and as mentioned theres a few extras in there to help get to sleep, aswell as a dose of all the EAA’s

        helps me skip the late night lollies and chocolate too hahaha


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          I'm gonna forget the bcaa at night as the go straight in apparently, and science is now showing you can grow as much on equal amount of protein powder. I'll take that a few hours after the arginine. The research I've read up on is showing it is both timing and dose dependent. And can actually be detrimental just before after a workout for nitrogen, and hamper gh release. It's suggesting taking 6-10 grams just before drifting if to sleep to get a big boost in growth hormone, and will also allow it to cross the blood brain barrier better or something. I'll grab some casein next time I'm near chemist Wharehouse as I'm thinking bcaa prob aren't best solution for sustained release at night. Thanx for reply.