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  • Bench

    Incline or flat first

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    Flat hits more overall

    But decline has been proven to hit more fibres so if your looking to build a bigger chest don’t forget this.
    Dips are sick to.


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      You mean, sequence in a workout??

      or which one ahould you focus on?

      my chest was its biggest when I was flat benching lots of volume, since then I have done lots of dumbbell focused cycles and Incline focused.

      The slight incline angle grew my upper a bit more, but has never been as big overall as when i was benching basic 3-5x5s with Amrap goals for progression each week.


      • Cane Corso
        Cane Corso commented
        Editing a comment
        Interesting - The flat bench that initially grew your chest you believe came from barbell benching in lieu of dumbbells / machines?

        When you were predominantly flat barbell benching (if you did this) did you then add in dumbbell / machine work as accessories afterwards in the same workout?

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      In a workout


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        Mad I'm a gym poser now yeahhhh


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          I do all my volume sets on flat personally, incline as a additional exercise for the greater stretch and flex


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            incline personally


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              Incline barbell first always. Without question. Need to be fresh for the long range of motion. To failure on the last set.
              then I to a flat bench. Dumbells 2-3 working sets.

              Personally. If I did flat first i wouldn't be able to hit the big weight on the incline. But if I do incline first it doesnt effect efficiency on the flat bench exercise.


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                I change it up, sometimes start with flat, sometimes with incline. Sometimes start with dumb bells and then go to flat, then incline and vice versa.


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                  I stopped flat bench mabee 10 years ago, my shoulders were too dominant, long arms.

                  I do different variations/angles of incline and then throw in decline or weighted parallel dips.

                  My chest exploded once I stopped flat bench.


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                    usually decline, flat, then incline gives me time to build a bit of warmth around the shoulders


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                      I used to do flat dumbbell, incline dumbbell and machine presses to burn out in recent times have switched to barbell flat, machine flat and incline machine. My right shoulder is ****ed so powerlifting style flat barbell bench is the only proper compound movement I can get away with. Anything over 40kg dumbbells for flat bench brings on excruciating pain and I'm not keen on getting cut open...


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                        Incline barbell first, then incline dumbbell (low incline) with partials to full reps, then flat bench with Swiss Bar (alternating grips), then smash it with anything else - heavy pec deck, dips, cables. ****ty shoulders respond well if you do high rep reverse pec deck between chest sets (reciprocal inhibition).