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Possibily injury

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  • Possibily injury

    Lads I need some advice.

    Lately Ive been getting ache /slash pain in my upper right bicep. almost closer to the should than the elbow. I expirence a little swelling on bench (have been floor pressing) I get it on the eccentric and concentric movement.cle

    I get it from pulling motions in jiu jitsu and also a slight amount of pushing. Tiger balm and volarten helps. Heavy biceps hurts and to a degree so down low bar back squat. Its not supresponatis as i've done that on the other shoulder.

    Any ideas? or should I get a ultra sound from the doc?? I'm worried its the tendon and im in tip top shape and the last thing I want is a injury!

    currently finishing cycle running very low prop, stana 50 ed and hcg till it all clears and then gonna start PCT....

    ANy advice?

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    You need to go lighter on chest and bicep excercisers, your over training, which has caused a flare up in your muscle, it needs time to heal.

    You have most likely pulled the muscle from going to heavy/incorrect form, go lighter and do some
    strength conditioning.

    Always get a ultrasound, your health is the most important, have you ever injected there?


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      Get an ultrasound, if u have pulled a tendon youd wana get tht checked out before it gets worse..
      I pulled a tendon and continued pushing then 1 day at the gym i couldnt even lift the bar alone and then out of the gym for 10months and lost 20kgs...


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        Drop the stana it gives some nasty joint and tendon pain